How to Keep Cool in the Summer

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Summer brings with it bright days, fun adventures, and a chance to enjoy the great outdoors. However, as temperatures soar, staying cool becomes a priority. While the temptation to crank up the air conditioning may be strong, it can also lead to hefty energy bills. The good news is that there are numerous cost-effective and eco-friendly ways to beat the heat and keep cool during the summer months. In this blog post, we'll explore practical and budget-friendly tips to help you stay comfortable without breaking the bank.

I don't know about you guys but the temperature here in Oklahoma has been over 100 degrees every single day this week. I thought I would share few ideas on how I keep my family cool and still stay within a budget.

ginger cantaloupe popsicles

How to Keep Cool in the Summer for Less

Make your own Popsicles – Every kid loves Popsicles and lets face it us adults do too.It's a quick and easy way to keep your kids cool and you can use just about anything around the house. Kool Aid, juice, even yogurt. My kids aren't big yogurt eaters but there is just something about freezing it that they like. Try these homemade popsicles.

Make your own Squirters– Fill empty dish washing bottles or ketchup and mustard bottles with water to create some water fight fun. They are easier to fill than squirt guns and you can be green at the same time.

Water Balloon Fights– Grab a package of water balloons at your local Walmart or Dollar Tree for around $1. Fill them up with water and send the kids outside for some fun filled water wars.

Don't want to clean up the aftermath with all those balloon pieces?  Fill up a bucket of water and give your kids sponges. They're soft, they get you wet, and there is no messy clean up.

  • Fill the balloon with water but not enough to make it stretch.
  • Next blow it up so it's half air and half water.
  • Knot your balloon
  • Tie a rubber band at the end of the knot.
  • Kids can decorate with markers, paint etc.
sprinklers and watering equipment
How to Keep Cool in the Summer

Drag out that Yard Sprinkler– Instead of buying all those expensive pools that tear up or get holes in them pull out that old yard sprinkler that probably cost $5. You will be surprised how much fun they will have. Plus all the running they will be doing will keep them happy and healthy. If you set up multiple ones you can have an obstacle course that kids can do to see if they can get to the finish line without getting wet.

Kool-aid Art– If you have small children have them sprinkle unsweetened kool-aid on white construction paper and tell them to run an ice cube all over it. As the kool-aid melts, you will have fun swirly art that smells oh so good!

Optimize Natural Ventilation

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to cool your home is by utilizing natural ventilation. In the early mornings and late evenings when temperatures are cooler, open your windows strategically to let the fresh air circulate. Consider installing window fans to enhance the airflow and create a cross-breeze effect, which can significantly reduce indoor temperatures.

Utilize Fans Effectively

Electric fans are excellent alternatives to air conditioning and are much more energy-efficient. Place box fans in windows to draw in cooler air or use oscillating fans to improve circulation throughout the room. To create a cooling effect, place a bowl of ice in front of the fan, which will blow cold air into your living space.

Shade and Curtains

Sunlight streaming through windows can quickly turn your home into an oven. Utilize curtains or blinds to block out the sun during the hottest parts of the day. Additionally, consider installing reflective window films or exterior shading, such as awnings or shade sails, to minimize the amount of heat entering your home.

Create DIY Cooling Solutions

Get creative and make your own low-cost cooling solutions. Freeze a damp washcloth and place it on your forehead or the back of your neck to instantly cool down. You can also make a DIY air cooler using a box fan, a shallow pan filled with ice, and a foam cooler that fits on top of the fan. This homemade air conditioner can be quite effective and cost significantly less than commercial alternatives.

Create a DIY Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, are low-cost alternatives to traditional air conditioners. You can create your own by placing a large, shallow pan of water in front of a fan. As the fan blows air over the water, it will create a cooling effect, lowering the ambient temperature in the room.

Embrace Cool Showers

Taking a cool shower can be incredibly refreshing, especially during peak heat hours. It helps to lower your body temperature and provides instant relief from the scorching weather. Additionally, you can also use a spray bottle filled with water to mist your face and body for a quick cooldown.

Keeping cool during the summer doesn't have to be expensive or harmful to the environment. By adopting these cost-effective tips, you can enjoy a comfortable and refreshing summer without breaking the bank. Embrace natural ventilation, get creative with DIY cooling solutions, and make smart choices to beat the heat while keeping your wallet happy. Now that you have learned How to Keep Cool in the Summer. Stay cool and savor the joys of summer without the worry of excessive expenses!

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