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Homemade Peach Tea With Lipton!

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Lipton Peach Tea

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Iced tea is just a regular part of life for us Southerners.  I remember as a kid going to ” The Royal Grandma's” house and she always, I mean always, had a tall glass pitcher full of Lipton® Iced Tea waiting for us.  It was just what we needed when we came inside from playing outside on a hot summer day.  And now that I'm a grown up, things haven't changed much!  I still love a tall glass of cold Lipton® Iced Tea on a hot day and one of my favorite ways to add flavor to my tea is to add sliced peaches.  Oh, yum!!  If you haven't tried that you definitely need to! I have even included a recipe for my Homemade Peach Tea with my homemade peach simple syrup.

Homemade Peach Tea

One of my favorite drinks for summer time BBQ's and family gatherings is Lipton® Iced Tea.  In all honesty, a BBQ just isn't the same without my iced tea!  Delicious, natural Lipton® Iced Tea improves every meal and gives all of our summer activities a tasty boost.  And because it's made with real tea leaves and zero (!!!) calories I can feel good about indulging in my favorite summer drink! Now that my son is out of school we have been making it a point to spend more time outdoors. Playing corn-hole, croquet, walking the dogs and doing lots of grilling.

Homemade Peach Tea

Speaking of grilling, have you ever tried grilled corn with Parmesan, garlic salt and pepper?  Oh my goodness, it's absolutely delicious!  I won't eat my grilled corn any other way!  It's just another way I like to bring flavor to the table.  Next time you're grilling corn I highly recommend changing things up a bit by adding parmesan, garlic salt and pepper!  For more great grilling ideas click HERE!

Lipton Target

If you're ready to give Lipton® Teas a try then head over to your local Target and be sure to use your Cartwheel app to get an extra 20% off of Lipton® tea bags and tea mixes!  And then give my recipe for Homemade Peach Tea a try!

Homemade Peach Tea:


3 Peaches (1 for slicing)
1 cup of Organic Sugar
1 cup of Water
1-2 Lipton Tea Bags


  1. Brew 1- 2 Lipton Tea Bags then pour into a glass pitcher and refrigerate.
  2. Dice up two peaches.
  3. Add the diced peaches, sugar and water to a small sauce pan and bring to a boil.
  4. Lower the heat and smash the peaches as you stir.
  5. Once the sugar is dissolved, remove from the heat and let it sit for 30 mins for the peaches to infuse the water. This makes your simple syrup.
  6. Pour your simple syrup mixture into a glass container using a fine mesh strainer to strain the peaches.
  7. You can add all of your simple syrup to your  pitcher of tea or simply add to a single serving.
  8. Pour over ice and add sliced peaches.
  9. Enjoy!

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