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Home Massage Therapy with Yaheetech Salon Spa Table

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Today we are going to talk about Home Massage Therapy. We were asked to try out and review a salon spa table, or a massage table.If you know much about the Consumer Queen and her family you know we love to use our Young Living Essential Oils. This table is perfect for doing Raindrop Therapy. My husband Daniel, the Consumer King, suffers from Ankylosing Spondylitis. Chronic pain caused by this debilitating autoimmune disease is a constant issue.

Yaheetech salon spa table - home massage therapy

Home massage therapy, raindrop therapy and aromatherapy with all natural, therapeutic grade essential oils has been a lifesaver for us. I myself have been suffering from some different stress related issues affecting my physical well being and I know that massage therapy and using our oils and this table will be a great benefit to how I am feeling and helping me recover. 

We are trying to become more self-sufficient in many areas of our life. We are gardeners, and have been canning and preserving food. We of course shop for great deals so we can stock up on other necessities. Why not also add ways to incorporate massage therapy at home into our family? There are many great youtube videos that demonstrate specific massage techniques that are ok for the average person to try, you don’t have to be an expert for many stretches and massage techniques. Raindrop therapy is an absolute game changer. If you love essential oils and have never tried it I highly recommend you give it a try.

Yaheetech salon spa table

Young Living sells a set of oils with everything you need for raindrop therapy, but one of the hardest things for us has always been having a comfortable place to apply them. You can lay on a couch or bed but it is so low that to apply the oils and massage them into the spine it gives you a backache just reaching down. With this table that problem is solved.  I know you will love it just like we do and realize how useful it can be for the average person in their own home. 

If you can relate to any of these things that we have going on and are looking for a lightweight and portable salon bed or massage table look no further. The Yaheetech folding salon spa table has just what you are looking for. It is sturdy and the perfect size for the average adult. It also folds up to be no larger than a large suitcase. It can easily fit under a bed, in a closet or in the trunk of the average car. I can just imagine how easy it would be for me to take this over to my grandmother's house and use oils for raindrop therapy for her too. My whole family can benefit from how portable and convenient this table is. 

Yaheetech salon spa table -- home massage therapy

The maximum weight limit for this table is 551 pounds. It would be a great option for folks recovering from surgery or injury as it can hold most adults. It is plenty long enough even for taller adults. The three sections of the table give you options with how it can be used. It has an end that elevates so your client can be in a reclining seated position or they can lay flat. The face cradle and arm rests are guaranteed to make a comfortable place for anyone to receive a massage or physical therapy. 

You can see from our photos how easily it holds an average adult with plenty of room to spare. Daniel is 5’ 3” and you can see how much room there is so that a much taller person would still comfortably fit on the table without their feet hanging off of the end.  The height of the table is also adjustable to make sure that you can do your best work comfortably. There are adjustment knobs on each table leg allowing you to raise or lower the table from 23.8”-32.1”. 

Yaheetech salon spa table - home massage therapy

We had no problem setting this up, making adjustments or folding it away to a convenient size that makes it perfect for use in your home with limited space or for the mobile therapists. This is also a great option for salon or spa uses. It is sturdy but gives you the flexibility of mobility. 

The swinging armrest is an easily removed accessory. If you are like me, when I go to the chiropractor I prefer to have my arms below my face for adjustment. This is a great option but it doesn’t get in the way when you need to fold the table because of how simple it is to take back off of the table and store for travel. The face rest and arm rests have a neat little storage area on the underside of the table as you can see in the photo where everything stays together when traveling. You will not feel loaded down having to carry any extra bags or pieces for accessories or attachments. 

Yaheetech salon spa table

You may be looking for a table like this to keep in your home if you or a loved one has health issues that may require them to have a physical therapist or massage therapist make home visits. You can be sure you are using a table that is clean and only used by one person, but also tuck it out of the way when not in use. 

This table has a wipeable surface. The PVC leather is waterproof and oilproof, you can simply wipe it down with a cloth. You can be sure you are always set up and ready to go before a therapist arrives in your home.

If you are looking to expand your salon or home massage therapy business into a mobile business this will be just the table you need to help your clients feel secure and comfortable. Many people are preferring to stay home now instead of getting out with all that is going on, many professionals are seeing their home visit requests increasing. Get ahead of the game for your massage or physical therapy mobile business today with this Yaheetech 84 inch Aluminium Frame Salon Spa Table.

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