Queen Mum: My Answer To TLC’s Extreme Couponing Invitation

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I received an invitation today from TLC. . They asked me to apply to be on Extreme Couponing, stating “this may be the last season and we don't want you to miss your chance”

I was simultaneously laughing that they actually thought I'd miss not being on their show and thinking YIPPEE it might be their last season!

I thought I'd post the response I sent to them:

Thanks for the offer but having seen the things you allow on your show such as greediness & dishonesty all for the sake of ratings I would rather not be associated with your show. My readers want to see realistic couponing, not something staged or faked and I want them to understand the problems coupon fraud causes.

All the publicity in the world is not worth compromising my principles.

Thank you!

Now, some of you might say: Go for it and show them how to do it the right way. If they would let me I'd do it but being ethical and ungreedy doesn't get them ratings and they don't want someone like me.

They've asked the ConsumerQueen herself twice to be on the show but weren't agreeable about letting her show couponing as it should be done.

So for now I guess I'll for go being a TV star LOL!!

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  1. Bravo to you! That show is the bane of my existance! I am constantly having to explain to people that real couponing isn’t like that show and that I don’t do anything to cheat the store and that I don’t go in and clear shelves and dump baskets of a gazillion toothbrushes into my cart! Because of that show people that hear that I am a couponer think I am dishonest and a hoarder. It makes me so mad that they portray people that are just trying to stretch their grocery dollar as far as they can by legal, fair and ethical means look like greedy cheats! Thank you for having such high moral standards. Kudos to you!

  2. Patsy – THANK YOU! I would have turned them down as well. With the difficulties we continue to face as HONEST couponers, the last thing this world needs is another year of TLCs take on “Extreme Couponing” – which is a joke. Sounds to me like the public has spoken!!

  3. I am sooooo happy to here this show is going off the air!
    You are so right not to go on this show good for you!
    maybe one day you can make your oun reality show!
    They put me out of bussiness because now the manufacturers give out horrible coupons for ny. No chance of overagers no more free with coupons with the sales. no great deals I need to move 🙂 I am having coupon redrawals!

  4. Thank you for being so honest. I have so many cashiers think I am trying to cheat them or the store and they just don’t understand I only want to save the little money I have for a rainy day when I may need it. I don’t like that show because they take every last item. They lie and steel from all of us. We pay for all the bad things they doo. I hate that look you get in the line when the cashier see you have coupons like you are about to cost them thier job or shoot them. I shouldn’t have to be looked at this way for the few bad eggs. Kudos to you for turning them down!!!!!

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