Arts and Crafts Valentines Day Cards

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Celebrate Valentine's Day with a fun and creative craft project! With the help of Dollar Tree, you can create homemade valentine cards for your mom using orange construction paper, glue, scissors, and heart doilies. Michaels has plenty of ideas to get your creative juices flowing, including cards, treat bags, DIY gifts, wreaths, and other decorations. There's something for every age group to enjoy, so get crafting and have a happy Valentine's Day! Make these Arts and Crafts Valentines Day Cards.

paper doilie hearts 2 - Arts and Crafts Valentines Day Cards

When I think of any kind of card making it reminds me of scrapbooking. You can make it however you want, as big or as small as you want. A Valentine card is perfect if you want to make some batches of homemade cards for friends, co-workers, a family member or even the classroom! You can add your own special message or print from a free template. Get a rubber stamp for the inside message or the front of the card. It is still a handmade card that is great for the kids to do art projects to share. If it is made with love it will be the perfect card for someone you love. There is no better way to personalize a card than with DIY arts and crafts Valentines Day cards.

I love to use scissors that make scalloped edges, I like sticky rhinestones and foam stickers. Many of these can be found at the dollar store. Craft stores usually have the specialty scissors, and if you can find a coupon that is the way to shop for higher dollar items like teh shape hole punches and scissors.

paper doilie hearts

Making your own Valentine's day crafts is so much fun. Kids of all ages (and of course us too) will love thinking up fun ideas of things to add that use craft supplies you have or can find at the dollar store.

Did you print too many Christmas cards with your family photo on them? Why not repurpose those for some folks by making your Valentine's Day card into a magnet or something else fun with Mod Podge? Floral tissue paper or one with hearts, or even scrapbook paper with Mod Podge can turn some plain objects into pretty cool craft projects! Finding supplies at home can be like a scavenger hunt, use your imagination and some acrylic paint!

Washi tape (I love a glitter washi tape!) or ribbon are perfect for straight edges and even the fold! Find supplies with coordinating colors and sort supplies. If you are using stamps or stickers you can set up an assembly line for yourself or your kids to make it easy to make stacks of cards for friends or the classroom.

Making something extra like pop-up cards can seem intimidating, but when you figure out the right places to cut and fold it is really simple! You can use stickers, paper plates, ribbons, or even glitter to make a shaker card! If you find instructions that you don't understand find a video tutorial to see it done.

paper doilie hearts 3 - Arts and Crafts Valentines Day Cards

You can use rubber stamps, print out cute fonts and sayings or get cheap and colorful stickers of Valentine's Day words to add anywhere you'd like on your cards and even the envelopes! This will save time if you don't want to had write a bunch of greetings. Arts and crafts Valentines Day cards can be time consuming when you have a long list of Valentines, saving time could be crucial to your process.

There are hundreds, yes, literally hundreds of Valentine card and craft ideas online. Trust me, I have quite the Pinterest board! I love looking at the different card ideas and craft ideas for inspiration but then taking the idea and creating something truly unique for my homemade Valentine's Day card and crafts. Online instructions are great inspiration but yours do not have to look exactly like anyone else's.

Store bought craft kits are fun but they can be expensive if you want to make a big stack of cards. A big pack of card stock, pink construction paper and a heart shaped hole punch can go a long way without going over budget! DIY arts and crafts Valentines Day cards are the way to go.

I also love to make a craft that is useful so something like a ribbon and button book mark or one with felt and a paperclip are a great craft because then the recipient can use them over and over again. You can attach it to cute cards or photos and it is a cute Valentine that anyone would love.

paper doilie hearts 4 - Arts and Crafts Valentines Day Cards

Another fun craft for Valentine's is making a fortune cookie out of pink or red felt and wire or a pipe cleaner, then the paper fortune you place inside becomes your arts and crafts Valentines Day cards! It sounds complicated, but once you get the process down you'll never forget the easy technique. It is so easy but looks so amazing and unique!!! A bowl full of them in a crystal bowl makes a great center piece, and then they can be handed out at dinner or a party. Maybe start your family Valentine's breakfast with some heart shaped pancakes and felt fortune cookies!

There are so many ideas that can be simplified for younger kids, or make something fun for older kids like the bubble gum idea!

I have seen so many people have so much fun making Valentines cards and crafts! When you put out snacks and supplies the kids, adults (even men!) have a great time and use their imaginations to show some love!!!

Don't forget you can turn your snacks into Valentine's Day arts and crafts as well. There are so many shape and color sprinkles at every grocery store and a heart shaped cookie cutter can be used for so much more than cookies. Sandwiches, pancakes, veggies, fruit and even cheese slices! I also have a silicone ice cube tray that is heart shaped and perfect for grape juice or cranberry juice, freeze and then add to sparkling water! Heart shaped ramekins are perfect for tiny cakes or brownies!

What is your favorite food for Valentine's Day? Are you ready to work on some arts and crafts Valentine's Day cards? Let us know how yours turn out!

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