Thank a Mail Carrier Day Printable & Gift Ideas

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It’s no secret that mail carriers have one of the most thankless jobs. See this thank a mail carrier day printable to show your delivery drivers appreciation!

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Rain or shine, in hot weather and cold, they work hard day after day to ensure that our letters and packages arrive safely at our doorsteps. That’s why it’s so important to show your appreciation for them on Thank a Mail Carrier Day. While Thank a Mail Carrier Day is traditionally February 4th, it's also important to show appreciation all year.

During the holiday season, many of us receive many packages through the mail and via delivery services. Here are some great ideas on how you can do this! 

Snacks or Beverages for the Porch

I actually put out snacks on our porch year round. We do get a lot of packages so there are many delivery people. Any snacks on the cart are just a small token to let them know how thankful I am for them. In the past year the idea of a snack and drink cart or basket of snacks on the porch has gotten more popular, although the idea is not new. In the past, one might show appreciation to a postal worker or grocery or delivery service worker by giving small Christmas gifts. You can also extend this to staff members for lawn care, or any food service delivery driver.

Snack Box -thank a mail carrier day printable

Good Ways to Show Appreciation

It's important to check on what you can and cannot offer delivery service workers, since some companies may have policies against accepting anything from customers. Other companies may consider them tips and have policies against that. Mail carriers from the local postal office may also have rules they must follow related to this.

Also, be aware of things like bad weather or animals such as loose dogs, squirrels or racoons that may get into snacks if they are near ground level. In certain forested or lake areas, having even wrapped food outside is usually not a good idea due to wildlife that will definitely find food items! A thank a mail carrier day printable sign is helpful to have with your snack tray or basket, to ensure that anyone walking in the neighborhood understands the snacks are there for delivery service people –not everyone.

Ideas to go with your Thank a Mail Carrier Day printable

Put Together Snack Boxes – Who doesn’t love snacks? Put together a snack box that includes various treats your mail carrier is sure to enjoy! Include items such as candy bars, granola bars, chips, nuts and other goodies. This is an easy yet personal way to show your appreciation for their services. If you cannot do snack boxes, a personal note on a thank you card is an easy way to show appreciation.

Bake Goodies – For those with a sweet tooth, bake some homemade cookies or cupcakes in honor of Thank a Mail Carrier Day! You can also pick up pre-made treats from the store like brownies or cakes if baking isn't your thing. Nothing says “thanks” more than freshly baked goodies made with love (and you don't even need to tell them it wasn't homemade). Keep in mind, there are many nut allergies and if you are baking homemade desserts, avoiding commen allergens such as peanut butter is usually a good idea.

Cooler with Drinks – A cooler filled with cold drinks is an excellent way to thank your mail carrier on this special day. Get creative with it by adding personalized labels or messages along with each drink or include some small snacks like candy bars or trail mix in case they get hungry while on their route! You can set this on the porch with a small sign. Be sure to designate that the beverages are free, and make sure they are separate and individually packaged. This is also a nice idea to have available if there are community helpers in your area that you want to show appreciation for. You can have a cooler available for volunteer events or even neighborhood cleanups or projects your homeowner's association is participating in.

Gift Baskets – If you want to really spoil your mail carrier this year put together a thoughtful gift basket for them! Include small items such as hand sanitizer, lip balm, sunscreen, lotion and other helpful products that will make their job easier during the summer months. You can get small bulk gift items online. You can also include gift cards so they can treat themselves after working hard all day long delivering packages and mail! Keep in mind, do not make these too elaborate.

Non-Gift Notes of Appreciation

If you aren't able to have a snack or treat basket, don't fret! Handwritten notes of thanks is a thing that is losing popularity as the years go by. If you have thank you cards, have family members sign a note of thanks, or write one yourself. Of course, do not place inside the mail box since it is not mail. Hand it to your letter carrier or package carriers for a simple thank you.

You can do printable cards, and hand them out on their own or with a little treat (such as a pack of gum, Tic Tacs, candy bar, etc). Of course, kids love to meet delivery staff workers to pick up the boxes that are arriving. Have the kids hand out thank you notes or Christmas messages to brighten the day of your delivery drivers.

Showing appreciation doesn't have to be difficult; there are plenty of ways you can show your mail carrier how thankful you are for their services. From snack boxes and baked goods to coolers with drinks or gift baskets – these thoughtful gestures will surely make them feel special on Thank A Mail Carrier Day or during the holiday season! So go ahead and make this day one your mail carrier won't soon forget by showing them just how much they mean to you and the community at large!

Remember, if you have a lot of delivery and mail workers in your neighborhood working long hours, show kindness or say a kind word- you might not realize how helpful it is during their work day! Chances are, snacks and treats are a nice gesture but many times just being appreciative and friendly is a great start!

Other ways to help your delivery service people:

Here are a few more ideas to help our delivery service workers if the snack box idea isn't for you!

  • Keep pets and animals in a safe place- not loose! Pets do not understand who is at their door, and if they can get out it can be unsafe for the pet and delivery person.
  • Keep walkways clean and clear of snow, ice and of course objects.
  • Sign up for app or email updates on your package so you will be home close to when your delivery arrives- this can also help avoid porch pirates and so much frustration!
  • Keep vehicles clear of mail boxes (of course) and if you have a narrow street or drive, park where trucks can maneuver around vehicles if possible.
  • Be friendly and thank them!

Get your thank a mail carrier day printable snack box sign HERE! (No cost to print, and nothing to download. If prompted to sign up or download, do not click that link. The link to print is a FREE PDF and requires no signup.)

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