Bridesmaids Dresses to Wear with Boots

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With more weddings taking place at rustic and casual venues, see these ideas for bridesmaid dresses to wear with cowboy boots, and outfit ideas for wedding guests or for your wedding party!

Bridesmaids dresses to wear with boots- picture of boots and bouquets

Rustic and Casual Wedding Venues

If you do not choose to specify a dress code, be sure to think about the the venue for the wedding day to find the best dresses and choose the correct attire. You can also ask family and friends, members of your wedding party, or even a wedding coordinator or photographer what the right dress style may be for the wedding and reception.

In general, casual weddings may take place outdoors, in a barn or on a ranch or farm. Of course it depends on your personal style as to whether you will dress according to the atmosphere and theme of the big day. Here are some tips to help make a good choice for weddings set in a rustic venue.

For many of us, the issue may be that you don't own anything remotely cowboy or cowgirl, but you still want to find an outfit that says “country.” What do you do? A general tip is that you do NOT by any means have to look the part with your full outfit. You can pair boots with just about any of the typical floral print sundresses or flowy dresses typical for wedding guests (or bridesmaids)! In the hot summer months, a flowy summer sundress or cute belted a-line dress is totally doable with boots.

wedding dress and boots

In Oklahoma, many of us own a pair of boots just because we need them. They aren't actually something we would wear to a wedding– usually ours are covered in dirt and stay outside on a mat or boot rack somewhere! However, your wedding party may have boots that look great with a dress or be willing to purchase some for the big day. They can complete the look for any rustic wedding!

If you prefer to choose a more western outfit entirely, you can start by browsing online for ideas about what to wear with boots. This can work for wedding guests, as well as bridesmaid dresses to find what to wear with boots. Many online stores specializes in bridesmaid dresses that are ideal for weddings where Western is the dress code, and offer stylish apparel that pairs well with boots.

Five Suggestions for Bridal Party Attire:

A classic knee-length silhouette doesn't scream country style. A knee-length outfit, with either sleeveless, 3/4 length, or long sleeves is a perfect fit for the country bride or anyone going for a simple, rustic wedding. You can use delicate, flowy materials such as chiffon or cotton/linen blends to balance out rustic textures.

Pairing bridesmaid dresses with western accessories a fun way to add some flair and your own style to any more generic ensemble. For example, choosing a pair of leather booties adds personality without going over the top with a boot that would overpower the dress. On the other hand, you can balance out taller or strongly styled cowgirl boots with a simple outfit.

Another idea is to layer. You can add a denim or leather vest or jacket for a flattering look. Layer over a simple A-line or knee-length shift dress style. The jersey material of a knit maxi is another option if you prefer casual materials for layering.

The knee-length rose gold lace dress is an ideal style for wedding ceremonies held outdoors in the summertime. The elegant silhouette will complement while still keeping you cool when temperatures are warmer.

Contrast the color of the dress and boots. For black boots, pairing with denim and denim shades, and of course prints, works well. For brown boots, using lighter color and prints for bridesmaids' dresses will look great in photos.

Remember, in general, longer dresses add a more formal feel. You can definitely pair cowgirl boots with a long dress, and this style may be more appropriate for formal country venues and evening weddings. The stunning bride in a white dress and cowgirl boots is a classic look that will be timeless in photographs. Additionally, some members of your wedding party may find it easier to find sizes and options in longer dress silhouettes rather than shorter dress styles. Keep in mind the overall personal style of each member of your bridal party, and allow them to feel comfortable in their outfits!

Finally, Try an empire waist or cotton style. An empire waist bridesmaid dress can look great with boots. It's ideal for warmer weather and outdoor venues, and if the bridesmaids have their own taller boots, a shorter empire waist dress gives a casual look that can be worn with many personal styles. It's also one you can pair with a jacket for cooler evening hours.

Given this beautiful array of bridesmaid dresses online, it leaves no room for the bridesmaid to shelve their cowboy boots. These give a wide selection from which to choose a bridesmaid dress of choice that will perfectly match the cowboy boots and the wedding theme.

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