What to Wear with Pearls

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Hundreds of years ago, pearls were a symbol of wealth and only the affluent or wealthier individuals could afford them. Fast forward to our present day and they are affordable and seen everywhere. Pearls are still one of the best classic accessories you can add to an outfit to express an elegant style. There are many kinds of pearls that come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, suitable for certain occasions and outfits. The main issue that stands in front of every woman is how to style the pearls properly even with the most casual outfits. You may think they seem old fashioned, or don’t match your personal style. However, there are many different ways to wear these jewelry pieces. Read below for what to wear with pearls!

How to Wear Pearls

Wear a pearl necklace on formal occasions

Knowing how to wear pearls is key if you’re going for an elegant look- while still being able to express your fashion sense through the details! In this case, the jewelry. The nice thing is that you can find a pearl strand or pearl bracelet in many style options. Read on to find 4 ideas on how to style your pearls and look amazing wherever you go.     

For any formal event, you should opt for an elegant appearance. Pearls are a no-brainer for it because a basic pearl necklace will fit many elegant outfits, from shorter cocktail dress styles– to blouses and gowns. Don’t get overwhelmed about the color of your clothes, because pearls come in different colors and shades perfect for every wear. 

Adding Pearls to a Little Black Dress or Longer Evening Dress

Coco Chanel popularized simple and classic styles. Her little black dress concept changed the fashion industry, allowing women to opt for fewer accessories and achieve a simple yet elegant look. The classic black dress compliments a single strand of pearls perfectly, if you have a formal event. In the 2020’s, shorter formal wear dresses have gained in popularity. You don’t have to find a floor length ballgown for every event. While it’s always good to reflect the formality of your event and check the dress code beforehand, you can still find many styles of sleek, solid black evening wear. Add a chunky pearl necklace, or single pearl necklace to this style to contrast colors while keeping with classic textures.

Moreover, combining a pearl necklace with minimal pearl earrings gives a classic elegance style. Stud pearl earrings and a pearl necklace allow you to add jewelry without overstating.

If you need a more modern twist, you can find formal wear with off shoulder, one shoulder, or varying silhouettes. Last year we noticed a lot more dresses and tops featured shoulders and necklines that could be lowered. These latest fashion trends still work with classic pearls, however. We love layered necklaces with off-shoulder dresses, as well as adding a pearl choker style. If you are still thinking you need a more contemporary look, you can also opt for varying colors of pearls. You can shop pink, off-white, and even black pearl shades of real pearls.

How to Wear Pearls casual

Pearls for Every Day Wear

If you are looking to wear your pearl jewelry more often, some unexpected ways to wear them are with work attire. A modern take on the business suit is a thin, breathable sleeveless shirt under a well-fitted jacket. Pearls are a beautiful accent to this style, and you can pair with many different shades of blouses.

For wearing everyday dresses, a pearl pendant or long necklaces provide a statement piece over a solid dress. This can work with even the more casual t-shirt dresses. Add a kimono top or denim jacket for layering.

Knot the pearls in different shapes

Imagine that you have a long pearl necklace or bigger bracelet. Many of us may have inherited our grandmother’s pearls, or those of someone else in the family. These might usually stay in the jewelry box for years, especially if they don’t fit correctly. One option is to knot the strand gently. You can knot your necklace on the bottom by making a loop and pulling the pearls from inside to make a knot. Use caution when pulling to prevent the necklace from breaking. Your necklace will take on a new look, making it perfect for your outfit. If you’re not sure how to achieve this type of look, or not sure if this will work for your own pearls, you can double check by visiting a jewelry store. Many shops (especially smaller businesses) will repair jewelry for a fee. They may also be able to talk to you about how to style your old pearls for everyday wear, or to re-strand them to fit.

And the best jewelry companies as well will be able to offer you pieces from their collection that are the most suitable match for the ones you have.

You can do something similar with your bracelet too. Knot it in different layers and make it a good fit with your hand twist. The pearls can be grouped into different sizes from 10-14 inches to 20-30 inches. Pick a size that is comfortable for you to be easily knotted in your wanted shape and get an elegant classic look firsthand. 

It’s worth mentioning that you can buy a pearl necklace, bracelet, or earnings in an interesting shape. For example, there are many pearls with tear-like shapes, half-rounded, oval, square, and so on. Feel free to experiment with different ones to find the best fit for you. 

Wear Pearl-Accented Clothing

Pearls as fashion details, such as pearl buttons, trim, or accents, are a popular feature that even garment factories use for clothing designs. We see these styles pop up every year. They are great for special occasions, such as wedding guest attire. You can pair with a short skirt, pencil skirt, or even over dresses of different lengths. Pearl accent clothing and sweaters are also great for semi formal events, such as Christmas parties, New Years celebrations and more. While pearl detailing might not be your personal style, you can rest assured these styles wilFor your casual outfit to be more fancy and chic, a cozy sweater or a blouse with pearls would be a nice choice. Keep in mind that many sweatshirts come with pearls as buttons which give an elegant and unique look. 

Also, oftentimes high heels and boots are decorated with pearls, so you can always consider buying a pair for yourself. On the other hand, if you don’t want to experiment but still want to look fancy, pearls can instantly transform your look into something unique and stylish.

How to Wear Pearls different colors

Choose pearls in different colors

As a jewelry lover, you probably know that pearls come in different colors and shades. The white pearls are classic and the most basic ones. Pink or rose pearls are a good option if you want a classic style with a modern edge. These colors will be a good fit for fresh-color outfits and will give you a fancy look. 

The golden or black pearls can be a good combination for an edgy or unique style, with a black leather jacket, faux furs, or boots for example. Choose pearls in different colors and don’t limit yourself to wearing the classic ones for formal occasions.

Bottom line

When choosing jewelry, the most important thing is the feeling you will get when you put it on yourself. Whether it is a necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings, or brooch, pearls are evergreen fashion accessories that will give you a modern and elegant look no matter what else you wear. 

Pearls come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, so choosing the perfect piece of jewelry can be quite challenging. Depending on the occasion, you can style pearls with formal outfits, as well as with casual wear for everyday activities. Pearls also go perfectly with monochromatic outfits, so make sure you pick the right color and shape of pearls to make a proper color contrast. Know that pearls will remain women’s best friends for a long time, no matter their age. ivomec para humanos dosis We hope this post helped you understand better with what to wear with pearls.


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