Dog Dry Skin Remedy For Your Itchy, Scratchy Dog

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Dry, itchy skin can be a serious problem for your dog. While this issue may not be life-threatening, it can significantly reduce your dog's quality of life. Your dog may not be able to enjoy the things that give them happiness since they are constantly obsessed with scratching. See more about dog cbd below.

Dogs that scratch too much can damage the skin and allow for secondary infections to develop. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to ease the discomfort your dog experiences as a result of dry skin.

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Dog CBD oil can be very helpful in alleviating the pain associated with itchy skin. CBD oil has been shown to improve pain, and there is reason to believe that it can also alleviate the discomfort associated with dry, itchy skin.

If your dog has scratched itself to the point of developing wounds on the skin, CBD oil can be especially helpful in alleviating pain. Be sure to pick a high-quality CBD oil from a trusted producer like Innovet Pet that has been tested by a third party and is 100% organic. CBD can easily become contaminated with pesticides or heavy metals in the soil, so choosing an organic option is very important.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E has long been known to improve human skin quality, but there is also evidence that it can be helpful for dogs. Vitamin E can reduce inflammation and improve pain. It is beneficial when given as a dietary supplement and when rubbed directly onto your dog's skin.

If you would like to use it only topically, you won't have to worry if your dog licks some of it off their skin. Vitamin E is affordable and has a very high probability of being helpful, especially when combined with another useful oil like CBD. Creating your dietary supplement or topical treatment is a great way to save money on your dog while making your own effective dry skin remedy.

Choose the Right Shampoo

High-quality dog shampoo is one of the essential products that every dog owner should invest in. Using human shampoo or dish soap can dry out your dog's skin and make skin irritation much worse.

Products that are developed for humans are not appropriately ph-balanced for your dog. Choose a dog shampoo that is composed of organic and healthy ingredients that are specifically designed to soothe the skin, such as oatmeal.

Don't wash your dog any more than necessary, since even when using the appropriate shampoo, too frequent washing can make dry skin worse. If your dog gets dirty frequently, try just rinsing them with water and brushing instead of always using a soap product.

Apple Cider Vinegar Spray

Apple cider vinegar can help to reduce allergic reactions and improve the quality of your dog's coat. It also has antimicrobial properties that can keep bacteria at bay. This can make it a very valuable topical treatment for your dog's skin and coat.

You can easily make your apple cider vinegar spray by combining 50% apple cider vinegar with 50% water. Simply spray on your dog's skin periodically. Because apple cider vinegar can be painful on raw or open skin, don't use this treatment if your dog has scratched themselves raw. However, if your dog is just dry or itchy but has not scratched too much, this could be a great, simple solution for your dog's skin.

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Consider Eliminating Common Allergens From Your Dog's Diet

When many people see dry, itchy skin, they may tend to assume that the problem is something in your dog's environment. However, in reality, itchy skin is often caused by something in your dog's diet. The most common culprits are beef, chicken, dairy products, and wheat.

If you have adopted a rescue dog who seems to be afflicted with dry skin even after they've had time to acclimate to your home and seem well-adjusted, dietary allergies may well be the culprit. Many people surrender their dog if they have chronic itchy skin without trying to rule out allergens.

Since allergy testing at your veterinarian can be very expensive, it may be best to try eliminating these common allergies from your dog’s diet to see if it helps. Simply choose a high-quality limited ingredient diet that does not have the most common allergens and keep your dog on it for at least a month or so to see if the itchy skin goes away.

Help Make Your Dog More Comfortable

Dry, itchy skin is no fun for your dog. It can dramatically reduce their quality of life and lead to secondary problems. A solution doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. By trying some simple at-home remedies like dog CBD or Vitamin E oil, choosing the right shampoo, adjusting the diet, and introducing an apple cider vinegar spray, you may be able to solve the problem yourself without even having to go to the vet.

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