How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

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Choosing the right wedding hairstyle can be just as difficult as choosing the perfect wedding gown. However, with a few wedding hairstyles tips, you can figure out what the perfect look would be for you on your wedding day. 

Wedding Hairstyle

Without a doubt, a guide on ‘how to select a wedding hairstyle’ would be a great place to start. Whether long, short, curly or straight, here are some much coveted tips on how to wear your hair for a wedding. 

Consider Your Dress

When choosing hairstyles for a wedding, an important thing to consider is your dress. Your hairstyle is just as important as your dress, and you would need both to work together to complete your look. The wedding hair for a high neck dress would be pretty different from that for a dress with an open back or an asymmetrical style. 

Give Yourself Options

If you find yourself asking, what is the best hairstyle for a wedding, it would help not to stick to just one option. Create a vision or inspiration board, possibly on Pinterest, and go through a few of your favorite choices. 

Discuss With Your Stylist

Include your hair stylist in the process and discuss your option with them. Being a professional, they could come up with a few helpful suggestions that would work with your look, hair, dress and accessories included. You wouldn’t have to worry about how to pick a hairstyle because you’d have an expert assisting you. 

Wedding Hairstyle

Consider Your Headpiece

Just as you considered your dress when choosing your hairstyle, your headpiece would also need to be considered. If you’re asking yourself, ‘should I wear my hair up or down for wedding?’ apart from your dress, you could look to your headpiece. Whether you’ll be wearing a veil, a tiara or head band, these would have to be factored in when choosing the perfect hairstyle. A dainty tiara would easily fit with most hairstyles, however a veil with a clip would need more planning. A draped veil, however, would also work with most any style of hair. 

Common Wedding Hairstyles

A wedding doesn’t automatically mean extravagant hairstyles. Sometimes the simplest everyday hairstyles can be tweaked to look perfect for a wedding day. It’s important for you to be totally comfortable, and so a hairstyle that isn’t far removed from your everyday look might be the best. Below are a few common ones. 


Sometimes simple is best and can stop you stressing about how to do your hair for a wedding. A high or low ponytail can be styled sleek or messy depending on your look. The great thing about a well-done ponytail, is that it would look fabulous with most dress styles.

Down Hairstyles

If you are one of those people who feels most comfortable with their hair down, then you might want to stick with that for your wedding. Long, short, curly or straight, there are many versatile ways to perfect this look for a special day. You could add extensions for a fuller look and complete it with a blowout that would be great for photos. 

Wedding Hairstyle


When choosing a hairstyle for a wedding, you might want to consider an updo if you’d like your hair away from your neck. Updos look great on high neckline dresses, and even for dresses with an open back. From sleek buns to twists and chignons, there are many ways to style an updo. 

Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyles

If you’re not sure what hairstyle for your wedding to choose, be it an updo or leaving your hair down, then you could try a half up hairstyle. This can be styled in many different ways and would be great with straight or curly hair, long, medium length, or even short. You can get the best of both worlds, without having to choose. 


Curls are great for a variety of hair lengths and would look fabulous on almost anything. You could choose to wear them loose or tight, or even wavy for that vintage or old Hollywood look. Curls can be left to fall, pinned up or even to the side. For a fuller and more bouncy bridal hair, you could consider adding extensions to the hair. While curls look great paired with most styles, they look extra romantic with fitted dresses. 

There’s no reason to fret even if you don’t have your final wedding hairstyle picked out yet. Though you might have questions such as, “should I wear my hair up or down for wedding?” Or “what hairstyle should I do?”. With guidance from these simple wedding hairstyles tips you can make the right choice. 

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