Photo Display Ideas for Family Pictures

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Displaying family photos, whether they are from a professional holiday photoshoot or just daily snapshots of kids and pets, helps make your home feel cozy. Since we live in the age of digital cameras, most of us have access to tons of pictures on the devices we carry with us everywhere. However, it might be a daunting task to choose the right ones from the thousands of images to showcase. That is why, here, we will discover some tips and photo display ideas on how to select and edit your photos so you can create a harmonious composition from them that will decorate your home.

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1. Organize Your Camera Roll

To start, you need to sort your photos out. If you're, like most people, you have thousands of pictures on your phone. Create a new folder to store your favorites. Name it whatever you like, and if you already have a few cherished images in mind, add them first. Then, as you scroll through your feed, add your top favorite to this album. After that, the culling will be much easier. And don't forget about the quality of the images you choose – the higher the quality, the better the print. This is one of the most important top from our photo display ideas.

2. Decide on a Theme

Now, you should decide what you want to frame: photos from a professional photoshoot, iPhone shots from daily life, or images from a specific event, such as a family vacation. Once you have a general idea of what to showcase, you may experiment with how these photographs can fit together to tell a story. For a joyful gallery wall, frame a series of candid family photos of you and the kids having fun. As an alternative, you can create a more formal display with professionally taken photos. Both aforementioned options have their advantages. Just consider your personal style and where you intend to place the images.

3. Edit Your Photographs 

Use your favorite photo editor to enhance your photographs. You can adjust the exposure to brighten the pictures a bit or use a contrast enhancer. Then, straighten and crop them to the aspect ratio that matches your chosen frames. You can also add consistency to your images by applying a filter. If an overcrowded backdrop or annoying bystanders have ruined your perfect shot, just check out this list of the best background and object removers to fix these flaws in a few clicks.

4. Restore Images in Bad Condition

Want to add your ancestors' old photos to your family photo wall, but they look too damaged? Restore and colorize them using specialized software like PhotoGlory, AKVIS Retoucher, or Photoshop. Just make your images digital to import them into the program. Follow the link to find out the best ways to scan and digitize old pictures.

5. Be Creative

You can mix framed photographs with different decor items to add a special touch. For instance, create a photo wall showing how your kids are growing up. And you can add something special in the center of this composition, like a wooden board with your children's names and their tiny footprints. For other baby keepsake ideas, check out the link. Another idea is to style a few paintings or art prints you love with photographs that match the color scheme. Love letters, postcards, concert tickets, mirrors, etc. — anything can be framed and placed on your picture wall. So, get creative and resourceful by bringing in any treasures that are special to you. 

Final Thoughts

Now you know some photo display ideas on how to prepare your photographs, make custom wall art from family pictures, and create a space that reflects your personality. We hope this post was helpful in getting your imagination going in the right direction. If you have a few empty walls and a large stack of images on your digital camera or in your cloud storage, it's time for you to start building the family photo display of your dreams.

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