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Easy Mummy Pizzas!

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Mummy Pizzas are a fun Halloween idea that doesn't involve candy!

Easy Mummy Pizzas

Make Mummy Pizzas:

How cute are these Mummy Pizzas?! They are so easy to make too!

Pizza is a tradition for many families on Halloween because it's an easy meal that everyone enjoys.

Make it memorable with these fun Mummy Pizzas!

ciabatta bread

All you need is a slice of ciabatta bread or french bread, pizza or pasta sauce, a cheese stick and olives for eyes.  

Cut the bread into slices about 1″ thick. You won't need to be exact, just as long as they are all fairly uniform.

Spread evenly with sauce.

Pizza sauce

I actually love the Classico Signature Fire Roasted Pizza Sauce, you can find at Walmart with the pizza crusts. It has a great flavor and you don't need to add anything whatsoever in the way of spices!

If you do want to spice up your pizzas, these are some of my favorite spices:

Pizza Seasoning

Then, just pull the string cheese apart and place it across the sauce to make it look like a mummy.

Add olives for eyes. If your little goblin doesn't like olives experiment with pepperoni, peppers…etc!

String Cheese

This is a great time to let the kids help, since pulling string cheese apart is fun to do anyway.

You will bake them at 350 degrees just until it's warmed up and the cheese is starting to melt! Enjoy!

Mummy Cheese

You can actually get creative and use different kind of string cheese, so if your kids prefer cheddar and mozzarella mix, you can do that too.

Black Olives

As I mentioned I used black olives for eyes, but really anything will work. 

Other ideas are:

  • Mini pepperonis
  • Green Olives
Mummy eyes

For Parties:

If you're hosting a Halloween party, you may be searching for a good “main dish” or snack food that will fill kids up before all the sweets! 

This is a great recipe idea.

Easy Mummy Pizzas

Hope you enjoy these! I love how they turned out!

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  1. they are cute, was thinking you can add a veggie head band to turn them into ninja turtles too. Thanks for sharing.

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