Air Fryer Fried Pickles

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Do you love fried pickles? Try these Air Fryer Fried Pickles to make this popular appetizer at home! These make a great snack or appetizer for just about any time of year!

air fryer fried pickles

Fried Pickles Appetizer or Side

Fried pickles are a delicious southern side dish made with dill pickles dipped in a breading of flour and spices. They are fried until crispy and then served with your favorite dipping sauce.

If you're from Oklahoma or nearby, you might have heard of a pizza chain called Hideaway Pizza. They have the best friend pickles! I'm sure there are menu items at other eat-in pizza places that are similar, but if you're in our area of the country, Hideaway is a fun place to stop to get a bite to eat. We always order the fried pickles which come with a side of zesty ranch or Thousand Island dressing for dipping. (Honestly it may be a combination of ranch and Thousand Island– not sure as I haven't tried to recreate that one YET)!! I could probably eat those fried pickles just as a meal, they are so good. I finally tried to make my own in the Air Fryer.

The fun part about this recipe is that you can enjoy this appetizer at home on a regular weeknight! It does go very well with pizza, but that may just be because we have it at our pizza place. You can pair this one with burgers, chicken and sides, or just about anything you can think of! It also makes a good party appetizer, or something to serve your hungry teens and tweens when they get home from school. Let's dive in to the recipe!

air fryer fried pickles

How to Make Fried Pickles

This recipe starts with a few easy ingredients. You will need dill pickles in thick hamburger slices. I prefer the name brand since they are always a little more on the crunchy side. It also needs to be a good thickness so it can hold the breading.

The breading in this recipe is made of garlic powder, Cajun spice, and cayenne pepper. If you follow the recipe blog and use a lot of our recipes, you probably know we love our spicy food. You can use any Cajun spice you prefer, but I do one of these three:

  • Tony's Cajun Seasoning
  • Tony's Salt Free Cajun Seasoning – This one is good if you're adding Tony's to food that already has a lot of salt! For this recipe, you may prefer it rather than the original Tony's.
  • Emiri's Essence Recipe- this is a popular Cajun seasoning that is heavier on the herbs rather than hot spices. It works well for recipes you do not want overly HOT. I try to keep a Mason Jar of it on hand, and just google the recipe as needed.

The great thing about this recipe is that it doesn't have a heavy, fried food coating. We can achieve a thin but tasty crispy coating in the air fryer!

air fryer fried pickles

Mix Your Spices

Don't skip the spices on this one, since they are what take these fried pickles from a burger topping to a a next-level appetizer!

I mixed all of mine in a small prep bowl. There really isn't much to it. You don't have to worry about several bowls, since unlike fried chicken or other foods, the breading already sticks to the pickles fairly well. We also don't want a super thick coating on each one. Just enough to get that nice outer coating will work.

air fryer fried pickles

Air Frying:

I placed the pickles in the air fryer making sure they were not touching. You could probably get a few more in the air fryer basket than I did, but for the purposes of this picture I wanted them all nice and even. Don't let them overlap, since they won't get crispy over the full surface. Each batch will take 12 minutes, more or less. Air fryers all cook differently– and if you have an air fryer toaster oven there may be even more variation! The cooking time is a guideline, so be sure to keep an eye on your first batch to make sure they are fully cooked but not overdone.

air fryer fried pickles

After they are done air frying, you can serve immediately or keep warm. These are best when eaten right away rather than refrigerated or prepped ahead. The coating is just perfect, light, and crispy!

The nice thing about air frying is that you don't have to use much oil. If you're trying to watch fats and calories, chances are traditional deep fried snacks aren't going to be on your menu often! These do take some oil, but with the way the air fryer works, there is no need for large amounts of oil.

You can use cooking spray or olive oil in a spray bottle. Target has a nice selection of oil spritzers you can use for this recipe.

How to Serve:

As I mentioned, we love these with a zesty dressing for dipping. You can also use ranch, jalapeno ranch, or any other dressing you would normally use for fried snacks. The pickle flavor works well with burger sauce, too!!

Hope you can get a chance to try these out. They make for a great after-school snack, or just a good appetizer when you're out of ideas and don't have many pantry ingredients on hand. Print your recipe below.

Yield: 6

Air Fryer Fried Pickles

air fryer fried pickles

These fried pickles will be a new favorite addition to burger or pizza night!

Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 12 minutes
Total Time 32 minutes


  • 2 cups dill pickles, sliced
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon cajun spice
  • ½ tablespoon cayenne pepper
  • Cooking spray or Olive Oil for Spritzing


    Whisk together flour and spices until well combined
    Coat pickles in flour mixture and place in air fryer basket sprayed with nonstick spray.
    Spray the top of the pickles with nonstick spray as well
    Cook (Air Fry) at 400 degrees for 12 minutes
    Serve with ranch and enjoy!


Allow spaces between pickles so all surfaces are crispy when done. Air fryer cooking times may vary.

Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 111Total Fat 3gSaturated Fat 0gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 2gCholesterol 0mgSodium 945mgCarbohydrates 19gFiber 1gSugar 1gProtein 3g

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