Healthy Vegan Snacks with Organic Ingredients.

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Can’t stop yourself from craving a candy bar? There’s no need to feel guilty about reaching for your favorite treats when transitioning to a vegan diet. To satisfy cravings, it’s best to know your options and which are the most healthy. This article will show you how to look for vegan candy and treats made with natural ingredients. Next time you’re heading to the grocery store or packing snacks for the next road trip, look for these healthy vegan snacks. We know you all have a sweet tooth so we are going to showcase some of yummy vegan sweets too!

Healthy Vegan Snacks

What is Vegan Candy?

If you’re new to veganism, you may be wondering what this even means. Veganism is not only about food. It’s also a lifestyle, which means that vegans do not eat animal products, such as meat or dairy products. This way of life was started in 1945 by Donald Watson to oppose animal cruelty and respect for their right to live without being used as objects for human consumption.

As you can imagine, this lifestyle can be hard to maintain with so many candy bars and snacks made with animal products. As a result, many vegan substitutes have been created to help vegans stay on their diet.

Candy bars such as Snickers or Butterfinger are the most common examples of non-vegan candies. Manufacturers add milk fat or butter to the ingredients to make these candies. If you’re looking for a vegan-friendly recipe for these classics, search online for vegan recipes for homemade candy bars. There are many recipes out there, and they have all the nutrients of a classic candy bar, but without the dairy fats that make them non-vegan treats.

Another type of vegan candy is gum. Buckyballs®, Juicy Fruit, and Trident® are all common brands made with the gum base. These candies replace the natural flavor of the gum base with artificial flavors and colorings to give them a more appealing taste.

Vegan Candy Bars: The Healthiest Options

To find a list of vegan sweets and candies that won’t make you feel guilty, you first must understand the ingredients. It’s essential to buy candy from companies that use organic ingredients in their products. This will help you avoid artificial colorings and chemicals that disrupt your body’s natural functions. Furthermore, when a company uses organic ingredients, they don’t use any pesticides or chemicals in their production.

How do you ensure you’re getting the healthiest vegan treats with natural ingredients?

Here are a few tips to get the best vegan candy bars and candies on the market:

  • Check the label. Some companies have made their products completely vegan by making sure they only use organic ingredients. So, look for a percentage of “organic” foods and components in the nutritional content on the label.
  • Choose a brand that’s in line with your diet. Many companies make several candy bars and candies to accommodate people with different diets. For example, some companies make vegan-friendly versions of chocolate bars or products for people who eat gluten-free treats. You can even find vegan options for sugar-free snacks like granola bars or cookies that contain no corn syrup or sugar at all. Dark chocolate is also great.
  • Try new brands and flavors. There are many candy bars and cakes on the market that you can’t find at your local convenience store. Try something new for an exotic taste and a nice change from the classic bars. You’ll be surprised by how many unique flavors there are out there and which ones go best with your favorite candies. Just make sure they don’t come with gelatin or animal fat in their ingredients list; those will turn them into non-vegan products.

So, now that you know which companies manufacture candy bars that are both vegan-friendly and organic, search around to find some great options to satisfy your cravings while staying healthy. 

vegan gummy bears

The list of sweet vegan treats with organic ingredients:

  1. Apple Bites: The popular candy can be found in stores like Target and Walmart. It’s only ingredient is fruit, so it’s completely vegan. So, if you need a snack that won’t make you feel guilty while eating it, try this option as a healthy vegan treat to help you satisfy your sweet tooth in the meantime.
  2. Candy Cane Swirls: This is made with natural cane sugar and no preservatives or added animal products. It’s available at various stores, including Walmart and Kroger stores. You can get one package of these treats for around $1-$2, which will last you around two weeks of healthy snacking on them.
  3. Candy Corn: This is another vegan treat. It has three ingredients; starch, hydrogenated vegetable oil, and sugar. So, if you’re looking for a vegan treat with a pleasant taste without any added chemicals or chemicals, try this as your favorite vegan sweet snack.
  4. Latex Candy: Sometimes, it’s hard to find candy made without animal products in the store. Luckily, a couple of brands offer safe and healthy vegan treats with natural ingredients and full of vitamins. For example, you can buy the treat called “Latex Candy” at the Whole Foods Market stores in some areas of the U.S. The company states that its candy is 100% vegan-friendly and free from preservatives or additives. Some stores even sell it in bulk, which can last you for a few weeks or even months, depending on your sweet tooth.
  5. Tootsie Rolls: If you love chocolate, but are trying to stay away from dairy products, then you’ve probably tried the vegan-friendly treats made with organic ingredients. One example is the Tootsie Roll – a classic American candy that is entirely vegan. There are a few variations to choose from. All of them are made with natural ingredients and contain no preservatives whatsoever. You can find these at most stores or online and other brands listed above, such as Milk Duds®, Junior Mints®, and Swedish Fish® candies, to name a few.

Healthy Snack ideas:

If you’re not into sweets and you’re looking for a healthy vegan snack idea then some of the best vegan snacks are things you may already have in your pantry.

Nuts and Seeds: Things like chia seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds. I find that nuts and seeds can be a great way to get in a quick snack that are a little bit more of a healthier option. Plus you can get in on some of those healthy fats from your favorite nut. You can even put together your own trail mix for the perfect snack that is both sweet and salty.

Pantry Snacks: Stock your pantry with kale chips, rice cakes, almond butter, cashew butter , tortilla chips and vegan friendly peanut butter. If you have a food processor you could make your own peanut butter. I also like to keep coconut flakes, coconut milk, and vegan chocolate chips on hand.

Fresh Produce: Keep fresh fruit cut up in your refrigerator so that it’s easy to grab.It’s also a great snack to pack for road trips. This will help you the afternoon cravings for junk food.

Veggies: I also recommend keeping cut up veggies like bell pepper or sweet potatoes. You can even make your own guacamole to eat with your bell pepper chips or pita chips. I love making mine with fresh lime juice.

Energy Bites Close Up

Vegan Snack Recipes:

Looking for some delicious snacks? Check out some of these delicious vegan snack recipes that you can make from home. These Healthy Vegan Snacks with Organic Ingredients are from some our friends in the blogger space.

It’s always a struggle to find healthy snacks that are more satisfying than a piece of celery or a carrot 😆 . These No Bake Energy Bites are super easy to throw together and they’re actually really good. These energy balls will keep you going when you need that extra push.

Put down the potato chips and make up a batch of these air fryer plantain chips instead. Super crispy and a little bit spicy, these are a delicious and healthier alternative that require very little effort.

Air Fryer Apple Chips are a delicious, healthy, and totally addictive snack. Made with just 2 ingredients and absolutely no sugar or oil, you can indulge in this tasty treat guilt free.

Homemade baked Beet Chips are a delicious, healthy guilt-free snack. They’re slightly sweet with a hint of sea salt, crunchy like a chip should be, and so easy to make. Plus, so pretty!


While the thought of brushing your teeth may make you want to reach for the nearest piece of candy, remember that this is not a healthy habit. It can be detrimental to your oral health and even damage your teeth if you’re not careful. So, when you need a sweet treat, get one that won’t hurt your mouth with harmful additives.

If you’re looking for a way to satisfy your sweet tooth without hurting your body with unhealthy chemicals and additives, grab some vegan treats with organic ingredients instead. You’ll find plenty of options out there these days that taste just like their non-vegan counterparts. We hope these Healthy Vegan Snacks with Organic Ingredients were just what you were looking for.

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