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Must Have Football Party Tips for Game Day

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We have a big football game coming up and I am excited to share my Must Have Football Party Tips! See recipes and more, below!

Football 101 Stillwater - Football Party Tips

I don't know about you, but watching football games at my house is a major deal!  Especially college football (Boomer Sooner Baby! and Go Pokes!)  One of our favorite things to do is gather friends and family together for food, fun and football. 

Our Must Have Football Party Tips:

For starters, I usually shop a couple of days before the big game buying snacks and planning the menu. 

You can make your football party your own. Each time we entertain for a football game, we do something a little different. So I shop ahead of time and make plans for whether I am doing appetizers, or a crock pot meal, or sandwiches.

Always plan your menu ahead of time and make a grocery list. This keeps you on budget preventing impulse buying.  It also saves you time because you know exactly what you're going after so you don't wander around the store trying to figure out what to buy.

The second most important thing is to plan activities for the younger kids to keep them occupied.  Some ideas are a Redbox Movie, Coloring books, or Playdough!

Cowboys Football Players - Football Party Tips

Some other Helpful Tips:

  • Prepare as much of the menu as you can the day before:  This saves time and you're not stuck in the kitchen and away from the fun on game day.
  • Fill an ice chest with drinks and cover with ice:  Saves space in your fridge and provides your guests with easier access to sodas etc.
  • Plan your main course to coincide with half-time:  Gives family time to visit with each other over great food before the game starts again.
why do walmart prices differ between stores

My favorite stores to stock up on Game Time essentials are:

  • Walmart- Look for a $5 off your total coupon, which you can use to stack along with manufacturer's coupons! Of course they also have nice deals on chips, usually 2 for $5.00 which is better than grocery store prices.
  • Dollar Tree– Hands down, my favorite place to get party supplies is Dollar Tree. Just a buck for a tablecloth…can't beat that price!
  • Walmart– For larger frozen items like packs of pizza rolls, wings, or other appetizers, I head over to Walmart. They also have a nice selection of organic frozen foods.  I like to find my Veggie Trays at Walmart, since the produce moves fast off the shelves, and they are fresh.
  • Sonic– Did you know at many Sonic Locations, you can actually get their ice bagged? This may be an extra stop and not necessary, but if you have a crowd coming over just send one of the guys to Sonic to pick up some ice before your get together.  Chances are, you will have a couple people volunteer for that errand. 😉

Here's my basic game day grocery list:
Paper plates, cups and napkins
Soda, Kool-Aid and bottled water
Bags of ice
Chips and snack crackers
Dips (french onion is our favorite) and Cheese for the crackers
Fresh veggies for dipping

Now that you've got some ideas on how to plan your football party, check out the recipes below for some awesome menu suggestions!

Game Time Recipe Ideas:

Ultimate Super Bowl Recipes Roundup - Football Party Tips

See this Great Superbowl Recipes Roundup for Ideas!

Instant Pot Asian Chicken Wings

I love these Instant Pot Asian Chicken Wings to serve at football get-togethers!

This Jalapeno Corn Dip might be my favorite to bring to football get-togethers or make when I am hosting one at home. It's amazing!! A must try. Hope you enjoyed these Football Party Tips.

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  1. Great ideas here. I'm so excited football season started tonight. These tips are awesome because they will satisfy everyone and you can still do them frugally. And movies are a great idea to keep the little ones entertained. Game time!

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