Why You Should Buy Lab-Grown Precious Stones

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  • After all that you all went through in the past year and all the sacrifices you’ve made, it is time to reward yourself. However, since it’s still not entirely safe to travel, there are other ways you can indulge yourself. One of them is buying yourself a nice set of jewelry. If you are among those who are keen on supporting sustainable products, then you should consider buying a lab-grown precious stone. 


    What Is a Lab-Grown Precious Stone?

    A lab-grown precious stone like diamonds, rubies, and sapphires are real stones grown inside a laboratory. They are not mined, and are instead created by scientists by replicating the process that typically exists in nature. If you are going to buy a lab created white sapphire, you are also buying an authentic precious stone. It is just more sustainable because there is no direct damage to nature. Not only is it more ethical, but is also much more affordable since only a few people would take part in the creation process. 

    Why Buy Lab-Created Precious Stones?

    Address Ethical Concerns in Precious Stones

    There have been several concerns about how precious stones are mined. When it comes to diamonds, not all of them have traceability, as only a few countries have firm regulations in place to make sure that the precious stones were ethically sourced. Blood diamonds, for one, have been known to cause several human rights issues, particularly in Sierra Leone where workers receive abuse from security forces and children are even forced to work in unacceptable conditions. 

    Precious Stones

    Support the Sustainability of Precious Stones

    As a buyer, it’s your responsibility to choose from a manufacturer that can provide you with sustainable products. With the issues of climate change persisting as ever before, you can do your part in protecting the environment by buying sustainable precious stones. Traditional mining of precious stones causes deforestation and displacement, and these effects are not short-lived. In fact, experts believe that it would take about decades to restore the balance in the areas that most miners work on. Sadly, most miners would practice unsustainable practices without thinking about its ill-effects on the people who will be left behind. 

    Encourage Certification Systems

    These gemstone certifications exist to ensure that precious stones are ethically sourced, like those lab-created diamonds and rubies. When you buy your stones with these certifications, you show your support, not only to the environment, but also for the people severely affected by illegal mining. 

    More Affordable Option

    Buying a lab-grown precious stone is far cheaper than those mined from different areas in the world since there are fewer logistics involved. Manufacturers do not have to pay off middle-men who often demand high prices. Incidentally, there is also less tax paid because the jewelry pieces often do not have to cross borders. Since it can be described as lab-to-market, there are fewer people in between the manufacturer and consumer, making the stones affordable and giving you tons of savings.

    Precious Stones

    Faster to Produce

    If you need to have your precious stone, you don’t have to wait for several years to get your hands on one. In the laboratory, manufacturers can process stones within six to ten weeks. tippmix v sport Once done, it is ready for cutting and polishing. Before releasing to the market, it undergoes certification and grading by gemologists that certify mined diamonds.

    Know Your Options

    It is okay to ask questions if you are unsure about the seller offering you to buy their precious stones. This way, you can have the assurance that what you are wearing to your next red-carpet event is sustainable and ethical. 

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