Tips on Arranging a Patio Area

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A terrace or patio area adds to the visual appeal of any home. It provides an ideal relaxation area for family members and guests during the warmer seasons. But a comfortable stay requires proper arrangement. This article will introduce the main types of terraces and offer several options for decorating the space.

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Terrace and Patio Designs

A patio area will come in a variety of styles. They are classified based on the type of house design or architectural solution. The following are the primary types:

  • Rooftop
  • Covered Patios
  • Indoor/Outdoor or Screen in areas
  • Full outdoor living spaces- including mini bars or outdoor kitchens

Although an open air patio is more frequent, the existence of walls and a roof that protect from rain, wind, and direct sunlight allows for greater flexibility in selecting furniture for installation on the terrace.

Laconic design enthusiasts may suggest a basic furniture set that includes a table, a sofa, and two armchairs. It is generally recognized by basic lines and a lack of design, and it is created in neutral light and dark tones to compliment any home. Cushions and seats are most often composed of cloth, but you can customize this to your personal style. Cloth such as canvas and waxed outdoor canvas is breathable yet not permeable to moisture. It also dries fast when wet. To get a stylish aesthetic, consider tables made of tempered glass.

If you are planning to create a truly impressive interior on the patio, pay attention to the modern dining room sets. For maximum comfort, a sofa and armchairs are complemented by cushions with removable covers, and the impact-resistant tabletop guarantees durability. A a new patio umbrella provides shade from the sun at various times of day and low angles.

Such sets can easily accommodate up to 5 people, and can be expanded for a group of friends or for family gatherings.

Indoor Outdoor Patio/Terrace Options

Fully screened or enclosed and insulated terraces can be used year round. In certain areas of the world, these rooms make ideal winter gardens. In the southern United States, enclosed patios are popular with lake and vacation homes. They make a great extension of the home for entertaining.

But it is worth remembering that the furniture in these areas should not only be comfortable for relaxation, but also be resistant to dampness, and work with both finishing materials and plants in style . Wicker furniture and wrought iron sets look especially good next to living greenery.

Roof Patio Area

This type of patio is possible both in a private house and in a city apartment located on the top floor. The rooftop does not necessarily have a large area, so you should choose compact furniture that can also withstand wind, rain, and direct sunlight.

Instead of a bulky kit, opt for individual functional elements of the right size and matching design. Choose heavier materials such as solid wood, thicker frames, and even iron. Here you can have a great time alone, reading a book in lounge seating, or sitting at a large table with friends.

Outdoor Patio Area Options

The simplest type of terrace is in the form of a wooden deck along the entire wall of the house or part of it, or a concrete slab. These can have a railing around the perimeter, be elevated or at ground level.

Many open-type patios lack not only full-fledged walls, but also a roof – in this case, additional protection from rain and sun is indispensable. Garden umbrellas will come to the rescue, which can be installed over any garden furniture: a dining group with a table and chairs, a deck chair, and an armchair.

For example, a garden umbrella with the ability to adjust the angle of inclination allows you to choose the most comfortable position, depending on the direction of the sun or wind. Some models are equipped with a folding mechanism so that when the umbrella is not in use, it does not take up much space on the terrace. For the production of garden umbrellas, weather-resistant and easy-to-care materials are used: powder-coated steel posts, durable polyester for the dome. Such a product will last more than one year and will not cause difficulties with maintenance.

Another option is the pergola, which provides a flat surface to shade overhead sunlight. These are great if you do not have high winds in the area, or have a small space you need to shield from overhead light.

outdoor patio area

What not to do in a recreation area

In the case of an open patio, it is better to steer away from massive models with a large number of textile pillows or mattresses. While these add to the aesthetic, remember that outdoor furniture and accessories must be cleaned often and brought in for severe weather.

It is worth choosing lightweight folding kits that will not be difficult to quickly bring into the house if the weather deteriorates, or purchase an item that is not afraid of precipitation and can be safely left in the rain. Consider materials that will not break if they fall or are blown over– or in the case of rural areas, knocked over by curious wildlife! Racoons, squirrels, and even deer can damage outdoor decor.

You can choose a table with a metal frame and a tempered glass top with faux rattan seats and backs. These materials are more resistant around moisture, dry quickly after getting wet, and to speed up the process, it is enough to rub them with a dry textile cloth. They are also not easily damaged with scorching sunlight and temperature changes.

Plant Selection for the Patio Area

The main decoration of any patio is ornamental plants and green spaces. You can make groupings and designs using plants, and decorate a fountain or a path to the house. When buying plants, be guided by the chosen type of design.

If the patio acts as a continuation of the house or is surrounded by a low fence, plant weaving roses, bougainvillea, wisteria, morning glory or clematis. They beautifully braid walls and suspended structures, provide shade on hot days and delight guests with their flowering.

You can arrange tubs with evergreens: cypress, juniper, pine, weymouth pine, weigela or dwarf ornamental apple tree, quince, lilac, medlar.

Plant small shrubs around the patio mixed with flower beds. It is easy to find ideas for floristry on the Pinterest website or on Instagram design pages.

Don't forget the flower pots. And they can be planted with small, abundantly flowering plants: petunias, pansies, anthemis, and David Austin roses. Always look for good shade plants for hanging baskets, as most overhangs from the roof or patio covering will shade the plant most of the day.

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