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10 Simple Summer Salads

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See 10 Simple Summer Salads to bring to your next pot luck, or to make as you are on an healthy eating plan.


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We are excited to bring you this roundup of summer salads. It seems with trying to eat healthy, not heat up the kitchen, and just manage these hectic summer days, meal prep can be a little challenging! 

Salads are a great solution. Here are several tried and true salad recipes you can enjoy. The best part about this list of salads is that there are quite a few flavor varieties. If you are not a fan of salad since they all taste the same- this post is for you. Think of fresh berry flavors, pastas, Italian flavors, and even southwest! It might be difficult to decide which one to make first.

Check out our big list of summer salads below!

Main Dish Simple Summer Salads:


Asian Crunch Salad

We all know you can get tired of the staple greens and veggies in most salads. For a totally new flavor, check out this Asian Crunch Salad.  It's a great option to take to work or serve for a healthier option with an Asian inspired main dish for dinner.  Hint- try it with these Instant Pot Asian Chicken Wings! Yum!

Bulgur Wheat Salad
If you haven't tried Bulgur Wheat, you may be missing out on a new favorite.  This salad totally skips the lettuce for a base, so it's a must try if you're transitioning to eating more salads in your weekly meal plan.
Salad Nicoise is a traditional French salad and has unique flavors including green beans and Nicoise Olives. It packs a big protein punch, so will fill you up for lunch or dinner!

Tri-Colore Orzo Salad

Sometimes I struggle to find a good side dish for Italian chicken dishes.  This Tri-Colore Orzo Salad makes a filling and healthier side, so you can skip the big slices of garlic bread!  I love that you can sneak in a few veggies for the kids.

Be Mine Berry Salad

We have posted this salad as a Valentine's Day side dish – it's just so pretty!- but you can enjoy it any time of year. 

It has the sweetness from the pecans and strawberries, balanced with the salty raw ramen noodles.  It hardly needs a dressing, and will be a kid favorite.


Skinny Chicken Salad Sandwich

I love chicken salad, so even though this one isn't technically a salad I had to include it! I love that you can just prepare chicken ahead in the Instant Pot, shred it and have it good to go for an entire round of chicken salad sandwiches. 

Send these Chicken Salad Sandwiches with kids to school to change up the PB&J routine, pack them for a lunch at work, or serve with crackers!

Side Dish or Potluck Salads:

There's nothing like getting to a potluck and realizing more than one person brought the same salad!! LOL! This won't happen with this Mexican Salad Recipe.  Top with yummy avocado and corn chips or tortillas for scooping.  
This one is an easy pasta salad that will have the crowd coming back for more.  It has a great balance of pasta and veggies, and no strong flavors. Perfect for a potluck, church dinner, or luncheon.

Broccoli Salad

Broccoli salad was always one of my favorites growing up.  Thinking back- I can see why. Broccoli is very frugal to buy and so good for you! 

This classic adds cheese and bacon to balance out the stronger flavors of the broccoli and vinegar.


Tupperware Taco Salad Recipe

Another great side for a crowd is this Tupperware Taco Salad.  If you have a taco party or are all bringing a Mexican dish, this one is a must! 

Snickers Salad

Finally, we had to include a dessert salad.  It actually works well for any get together, since the kids enjoy adding something sweet to their dinner plates! Don't worry moms, it's not all candy! This recipe includes apples and pudding.

Top with chocolate syrup or just enjoy by itself!

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