Instant Pot Cheat Sheet for Cooking Meat

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This Instant Pot Cheat Sheet for Cooking Meat will help you take the guesswork- and Googling- out of your Instant Pot Cooking!

Instant Pot Cheat sheet for Meats

Instant Pot Cheat Sheet for Cooking Meat

If you are a newer Instant Pot user, you may be struggling with cooking meats! This was my biggest learning curve.  No one wants their main dish dried out and overdone, or needing to go back into the cooker!

This handy chart will take the guess work out. I have been known to Google it on my phone, just to get a ballpark idea of how long to set my Instant Pot for a particular meat! No need for that now.

Now that the weather is warming up and most of us will be using our Instant Pots for things other than soups, this cheat sheet will be a great thing to reference.  I am thinking of printing it out and hanging it on the fridge! Important note- this reference is for fully thawed meats. For frozen, adjust times accordingly.

Print here

Instant Pot Cheat Sheet for Meat

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