Best Customized Gifts to Match with Your Bestie

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Customized gifts are a great way to show a friend or loved one that you appreciate them. They work for multiple occasions, including times to encourage or show appreciation for a friend. Personalized Gifts are a great way to show thought put into a gift. 

There are many different ways to customize a gifts. If you are crafty, you can make them a personalized present yourself. If you aren't crafty, you can find customizable and handmade gifts online or in stores. You can choose to add your best friend's name, a special message, or a picture of the two of you to make it more personal.

We have some ideas for gifts to help you out, so you are not searching to find something last minute.

Customized Clothing

Personalized clothing is a great starting point. Monogrammed clothing is trending, as is initial jewelry. If you are crafty, you can always get all the materials and tools and make it yourself, but if not, you can visit websites that can customize clothing for you. Many of those sites have the option of customizing clothing with a particular picture, monogram, saying, or even embroidery. 

Some ideas include getting a favorite picture of a pet, favorite sayings or verse, or embroidery. You can do a full size image or just a monogram over the shirt pocket. Sweatshirts and tank tops are trendy right now, so this gift would be perfect! For those who love to workout, personalized workout gear is always a fun idea. This also helps to easily spot your own items at the gym!

You can make a customized t-shirt, hoodie, hat, and even socks. Of course these would work for “gag” gifts such as for a gift exchange as well.

Customized Work Gifts

Work can be challenging, and those that spend long hours at work often appreciate gifts they can use during their workday.

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Pens, pencils, and paper are all smaller ideas for customization your best friend can keep on their desk and use every day. A planner or desk clock are fun options with lots of variations you can find according to your style. If they have any bad days at work, they will have something on the top of their desk to cheer them up, and that you will always be there for them.

Customized work gifts can also come in the form of coffee mugs or water bottles. These are great because your best friend can keep them at their desk to hydrate while they work. If your best friend is always drinking coffee, a mug with a cute saying, monogram, or their favorite picture are a few ideas.

Customized Jewelry

Gifting customized jewelry can help your best friend look stylish throughout the day and add a conversation piece they can wear. You can customize lockets, necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings, and earrings. For example, maybe your best friend loves pineapples, so you can make them customized pineapple earrings or personalize a watch for them that has their name and favorite quote. 

You can also do birthstones for children or grandchildren, if you are aware of all the birthdays or birth months. The birthstones or even charm jewelry make a fun gift your friend can add to for years to come.

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Customized Handbags and Backpacks

If your best friend likes to hike, travel, or just needs a new bag to carry around with them throughout the day, a customized handbag or backpack may be the perfect gift idea. While monograms are very popular choices for baggage, you can also add a favorite print such as flamingoes, palm trees, or whatever they love. Be careful of adding full names or information to baggage for security purposes.

Finding the right gift can be tricky sometimes, but you can rarely go wrong when you customize gifts. We love all the trending monogram and personalization options out there right now!

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