What are the Best Under Garments for Special Occasions

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While you may be perfectly happy wearing basic cotton underwear on a daily basis, you may want something a little more special for an upcoming big event. However, no two events are the same, meaning you will probably have to get a few different types of underwear so that you’re prepared for anything. These may include strapless bras, bodysuits, thongs and more. To help you decide, take a look at this blog to get a better idea of how you can be better prepared for your next special occasion with the best under garments for special occasions.


The dinner party

If you’re headed off to a fancy dinner party, you’ve probably already bought your evening dress. The type of dress you’re planning to wear will probably dictate your underwear. For example, a strapless dress will require a strapless bra, while a dress with a sweetheart neckline may work best when paired with a balconette bra. If your evening dress clings to your curves or has a sheer quality, you might want to wear seamless panties or a thong to avoid any underwear lines showing through. Smoothing shapewear may also be just the right thing for that little black dress.

The work event

Are you going to be giving a big presentation at the office? It’s important that you choose the right underwear for the occasion. While you might be more focused on picking out a suit jacket or blouse, what you’re wearing underneath needs to give you the confidence you need to speak clearly and confidently. Always choose underwear that’s supportive and comfortable, as the last thing you want is to ruin your posture with a bra that pinches your shoulders. However, it’s also OK to bring out something a little more special than an everyday pair of panties, as you’ll want to feel powerful and capable of anything whether you choose slacks or the perfect pencil skirt.

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The wedding

Your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your life, so it’s only natural that you’ll want the best under garments for special occasions. Luckily for you, there is a huge selection of bridal underwear on the market, so you’ll have plenty of choices. A traditional choice would be white lace, but don’t feel like you have to follow this trend. Choose any color or style that works for you, just make sure it’s not taking away from the look of your dress – wearing a bra that shows or is uncomfortable will be a big mistake! Make sure what you pick gives you a flattering silhouette and compliments your gown and curves. You may also want to buy yourself a new nightgown for later in the evening, allowing you to continue feeling special even as you descend into dreamland.

The photoshoot

It’s always fun to book a photoshoot with family or friends, but you’ll probably want to do everything you can to look your best. If you’re a little camera shy or are worried about how your curves will look under studio lights, you might want to invest in some shapewear to help you look as smooth as possible. Sometimes the camera can pick up on lumps and bumps that nobody would otherwise notice when you’re sitting down. Shapewear can help you to feel more confident and give you a smoother silhouette.

Choosing the right under garments for your special occasion can be just as important as the clothes you wear over them. We hope this guide helped you pick out the best option for your needs, whether that’s a pair of Spanx to hold everything in or some sexy lingerie to spice things up. Whatever you choose, remember that you look beautiful and feeling confident is what really matters.

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