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31 Days of Halloween Jokes for Kids

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You've picked out your Halloween Costume, bought all the Halloween goodies you could think of and now it's time to plan the fun. We've got 31 days of Halloween Jokes for kids.

Go down the list and have some Halloween fun with your kids by telling them a 1 Joke every day.

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While your telling some of these jokes, you could even make some themed treats to go along with some of these to include in their lunch boxes like our Easy Mummy Brownies , Oreo spiders, Pumpkin Patch Trail Mix, Peanut Butter Monster Munch or Frankenstine Brownies.

  1. What’s a witch’s favorite subject in school? – SPELLING
  2. What kind of music do mummies love? – WRAP MUSIC
  3. What is a monster's favorite subject in school? – I SCREAM
  4. Why don't vampire's have more friends? – BECAUSE THEY ARE A PAIN IN THE NECK.
  5. What kind of pants to ghosts wear? رهان مباشرBOO JEANS
  6. What would you find at a haunted beach? – A SANDWITCH
  7. Which ghost is the best dancer? – THE BOOGIE MAN
  8. What is a ghosts favorite dessert? – BOOBERRY PIE
  9. What instrument does a skeleton play? – THE TROMBONE
  10. What is a vampires favorite fruit? – A NECKTARINE
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I tried to keep these jokes clean and simple for kids. This way they would be easy to understand and perfect for any age.

11. Why do ghosts hate rain? – IT DAMPENS THEIR SPIRITS
12. Why are vampires so easy to trick? – BECAUSE THEY'RE SUCKERS
13. What do birds say on Halloween? – TRICK OR TWEET
14. What do you call to witches who room together? – BROOM- MATES
15. What do ghosts like to drink the most? موقع 1xbetGHOUL-AID
16. Where do Vampires keep their money? – AT THE BLOOD BANK
17. What did the daddy ghost say to the mommy ghost? العب واربح المال الحقيقيYOU LOOK BOOTIFUL TODAY
18.What do witches put in their hair? – SCARE SPRAY
19. Why didn't the skeleton cross the road? – HE DIDN'T HAVE THE GUTS
20. Why did the Zombie stay home from school? – HE FELT ROTTEN

halloween jokes for kids - kids in leaves


Know some good clean Halloween jokes for kids? Feel free to drop them in the comments!

21. What do witches race on? – VROOM-STICKS
22. What is a ghosts nose full of? – BOOOOOGERS
23. Why was the broom late? – IT OVER SWEPT
24. What kind of mistakes to ghosts make? – A BOO BOO
25. What did Pharaoh say when he hurt himself? – I WANT MY MUMMY
26. Who did the monster take to the school dance? –HIS GHOUL FRIEND
27. What has webbed feet, fangs and goes quack quack? – COUNT DUCKULA
28. What do ghosts eat for dinner? – SPOOK-GHETTI
29. Why do vampires always seem sick? – BECAUSE THEY'RE ALWAYS COFFIN
30. Why are ghosts such bad liars? – BECAUSE YOU CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH THEM
31. Why can't Dracula play baseball? – HE LOST HIS BAT

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