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Easy Frankenstein Brownies

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These Easy Frankenstein Brownies are a fun activity for the kids this time of year- no need to wait for Christmas to roll around to decorate a dessert!!

Easy Frankenstein Brownies

If you loved my Easy Mummy Brownies but want something a little more decorative, check out these Easy Frankenstein Brownies! 

They will be a sure hit for Halloween, which is right around the corner!


We start with a cooked brownie mix, which as I’ve mentioned in other blog posts is just the traditional Duncan Hines Chocolate Fudge mix.

Prepare as directed, and make sure brownies are fully cooled prior to cutting to ensure nice clean lines.

You can find an individual serving brownie pan that also lets you prepare individual brownies.

This is nice if they need to be spot-on, perfection when cut into squares. (Like for a bake sale, Halloween event, or something similar.) 🙂

iced brownie

After brownies are cooled and cut into squares, top with green cookie icing.

I like the Wilton Cookie icing since it has a good consistency and is reliable no matter where you get it from.

You can shop this cookie icing at most larger Walmart or Target stores, or online at Amazon. 

Michael’s and Hobby Lobby also carry it but may be hit and miss with colors available.

Frankenstein Hair

Decorating your Easy Frankenstein Brownies:

After the green, just top with Black Sparkle Gel Icing, with a nice zig-zag going along the hair line.

Next, place edible googly eyes on top of the green. You can find a nice sized container for under $3 on Amazon, so I would recommend just buying one and having it in the pantry. These will keep for a long time.

Be sure to buy the edible candy eyes! 🙂

Frankenstein eyes

I am not the greatest cookie decorator out there, and by no means a professional, so for me the googly eyes take the most difficult aspect out of decorating the face!

The nose and mouth I just went along freehand with, again with the Black Sparkle Icing.

You can definitely make this your own, so if you have brown icing or even red you can make similar “monsterish” looks!

Frankenstein Brownie

I had some blue cookie icing so made Frankenstein’s shirt with that. Again, just use whatever you have available!

Easy Frankenstein Brownies

We had fun making different Frankenstein faces. This is a fun activity for older kids to get in on, in the kitchen, too!

As I mentioned in my last post, these Frankenstein Brownies will go a long way on a budget, so if you are making classroom treats for school or church, this is a perfect idea!

Enjoy the Easy Frankenstein Brownies DIY?

Be sure to check out more from My Royal Kitchen, linked below.

Thanks for reading.

Easy Mummy Brownies

Easy and Fun Mummy Brownies

Recipe: Easy Mummy Brownies

I love the official start of fall. Of course if you have kiddos at home, this means the holidays are just around the corner!

We don’t do too much in the way of decorating for Halloween, but we do make a few treats and it’s more fun when the kids actually get to help in the kitchen.

You can really get creative with these, and even do other Halloween-related characters like monsters, ghosts and more.  Check out the how-to for this festive treat.

See this easy and fun recipe at link above!

Easy Oreo Spider Cookies Pinterest

Easy Oreo Spider Cookies – Great for Lunchboxes, Halloween Parties and More!

Easy Oreo Spider Cookies for Halloween!

Halloween is around the corner, and you may already be trying to come up with a few ides of fun snacks or treats that are quick and easy, and also won’t break the bank! I love being in the kitchen, and do love to spend time making special treats for my family.  Sometimes, however, you just want to come up with something that you won’t spend all day in the kitchen working on.

These Easy Oreo Spider Cookies come together in a snap, and are something the kids will totally be on board helping with!

Print your recipe here: Oreo Spider Cookies

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