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Hot Cocoa Mix Gift Ideas: Hot Cocoa Christmas Ornaments

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The holiday season is upon us and that means it's time to start thinking about gifts! If you have a hot cocoa lover in your life, why not give them the gift of a delicious hot cocoa mix? There are so many great options out there, it can be hard to know where to start. That's why we've put together a list of our 5 favorite hot cocoa mix gift ideas to help make your holiday shopping a little easier. What could be cozier in the winter than sitting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate?

Hot Cocoa Mix Gift Ideas : Hot Cocoa Ornaments with sprinkles

Hot Cocoa Mix Gift Ideas:

Embrace the cozy warmth of the season and spread a cupful of joy with these delightful hot cocoa mix gift ideas! Whether you're seeking the perfect present for a chocolate aficionado, a thoughtful gesture for a friend, or a delightful treat for yourself, these carefully curated selections of premium hot cocoa mixes are sure to stir up feelings of comfort and delight. From classic flavors that evoke nostalgia to innovative blends that tantalize the taste buds, this collection offers a delectable array of options guaranteed to make every sip a moment to savor.

Hot Cocoa Christmas Ornaments DIY

These ornaments are not only adorable, but they’re also practical. Fill them with your favorite hot cocoa mix and tie them onto the tree. Your loved ones can simply unwrap them and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa any time they please.

These Hot Cocoa Christmas Ornaments were so fun that I plan on making more! They are so simple to make and the options are endless. I chose white chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips and peppermint baking morsels. That way each cup of cocoa will be different!

All you need to make these ornaments are hot cocoa packets (your flavor choice), sprinkles, baking morsels (your choice) and Kraft mini marshmallow bits.  

Empty Christmas ornament closeup

For the ornament I would suggest using food-safe plastic ornaments.  You could also use glass ornaments but just be sure to be extra careful that they don't break!

Empty Christmas Ornaments

And choose some of the smaller ornaments or you'll end up with a half-empty ornament. These oblong ones actually work great. I found them at Target but you can also get them at Hobby Lobby.

Hot Cocoa Ornaments Finished

Simply empty a packet of cocoa mix into the ornament then layer sprinkles, baking morsels, and marshmallows.  Add some pretty ribbon and a festive  mug and you've got a great gift that anyone would love!

Hot Cocoa Mix Gift Ideas: Hot Cocoa Ornaments Finished featured

Ideas to add:

Ornament Types You can Fill:

Hot Cocoa Mix Gift Ideas: Hot Cocoa Ornaments with candy canes

More Hot Cocoa Ornaments Ideas – Christmas and Beyond:

Here are a few fun ideas you can add to your DIY Hot Cocoa ornaments –perfect for Valentine's and more!

Hot Cocoa Ornaments with chocolate chips

Hot Cocoa Spoons

These special spoons are great for stirring up a cup of hot cocoa and for adding a little extra flavor. Choose from a variety of flavors like mint, hazelnut, or orange. They make a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift. You can add mini chocolate chips or crushed candy cane for decoration and delicious flavor. The spoons are great for cocoa lovers and coffee lovers in the winter months because they can be used in different drinks. Everyone needs some hot chocolate cheer this time of year! 

Hot Cocoa Mixes In A Jar

This is a fun and easy way to give a variety of hot cocoa mixes as a gift. Simply layer the different ingredients in a jar and screw on the lid. include directions on how to make the perfect cup of hot cocoa. Add a festive ribbon and you’re all set! A mason jar with hot chocolate mix is great to give as a gift for a whole family. Add bits of candy canes to your homemade hot chocolate mix for the perfect gift that isn't a single portion. You can add ribbon and a decorative gift tag to the top of the jar or wrap the jar in a cellophane bag and attach printable tags. You can find free printable gift tags online or use some colorful markers to handwrite your notes or the recipe card to attach. These are great teacher gifts, housewarming gifts or a thoughtful gift for your neighbors! You can use a 4-ounce mason jar for the smaller portions or make a larger one for a family or to make a few mugs of homemade cocoa mix for the chocolate lover you know. 

Hot Cocoa Mix Gift Set

This gift set comes with everything your hot cocoa lover needs to make the perfect cup of coco including a mug, spoon, marshmallows, and of course, hot cocoa mix. It's the perfect way to say “Happy holidays!” You can add peppermint candy, sprinkles or anything else fun to celebrate the Christmas season. A mug of hot cocoa doesn't have to be expensive, you can even find cute mugs at the local dollar store

Mini Marshmallow Toppers

These marshmallow toppers are perfect for personalizing each cup of hot cocoa. They come in a variety of festive shapes and colors, so your hot cocoa lover can pick their favorite or mix and match to create their own unique concoction.

You can make hot chocolate bombs, you can use non-dairy creamer, dark cocoa powder, unsweetened cocoa powder or any other modifications in your hot chocolate recipe to meet dietary needs or flavor preferences of those you love. You can print the ingredients and instructions on white cardstock and attach to your homemade gift with twine, a little bit of ribbon or pipe cleaner. Folks will appreciate a recipe tag so they know if they need to add milk or water to your homemade hot chocolate mix recipe. Whole milk will give you a richer hot chocolate but someone may add coconut milk instead, either way a warm mug and some Christmas music is a great way to spend a cold night. 

If you aren't making the ornaments with a single packet you can find a number of great hot cocoa mix recipes that use dry milk powder, powdered creamer and sweeteners or cocoa powders that will taste great. The recipe should tell you how many tablespoons of the hot chocolate mix you need for a mug or a certain number of ounces. It is really is simple to make these recipes and just stir them together in a large bowl. Then you can scoop a cup of the mix into a small mason jar, make a hot cocoa gift with a mug or fill the hot cocoa bombs with your hot cocoa mix recipe. Single serve portions can also go into 4-ounce mason jars, these stack nicely is you are making a lot, or filling a basket to leave in the breakroom at work or the teacher's lounge at the kid's school. This is a great idea if you have a crowd you need to give gifts to. I love mason jar gift ideas because you can pick up all of these dry ingredients at local grocery stores when you are out shopping and they are a fun holiday gift for cold days without a ton of extra cost for Christmas gifts. 

The ornaments are so cute and a great gift idea, but I also like adding the dry mix to a pint jar or other mason jar because the airtight container helps keep it fresh for a long shelf life if they aren't ready to drink hot cocoa right away. A homemade hot cocoa recipe will keep for a while, and when all you have to do is add hot water or hot milk to a few tablespoons of cocoa mix it makes it fun and simple. Do you love the look of the ornaments even with the additional cost? I love them, but sometimes I need to make so many gifts it would just get too expensive. I may make something special like that for family stocking stuffers or just my best friend. Shop around for the best things on sale before the holidays get into full swing, this is the best way to find what you want at a good price before they sell out.

Hot cocoa mix gift ideas are endless and I know you can imagine some wonderful ways to contain and wrap your hot cocoa mix. Using ornaments for your hot cocoa gifts are a simple option compared to the hot cocoa bombs if you don't have the molds or want to make something faster that doesn't have to set up. I love a hot cocoa station at family gatherings or potlucks for the holidays and you can think of all the things needed for that when considering your hot cocoa mix gift ideas. You can include decorative to go cups, candies or chocolates to mix in, homemade vanilla extract, whipped cream or marshmallows for topping. You can print your recipe on cards or have some filled ornaments or small mason jars for guests to take home as a gift. 

I hope you can try this fun DIY!

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  1. where did you find the square ones!!! I have round ones…I used the dehydrated marshmallows from walmart but the real ones take up more space for a fuller look!! also we dipped plastic spoons in chocoalte and put peppermint sprinkles on them this is so much fun

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