14 Days of Valentines- Day 1 Valentines Hot Tamale Idea

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I love this Valentines Hot Tamale Idea that can be used in the classroom or for that special someone.

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Roses are red

Violets are blue

We’ve got 14 days of Valentines coming to YOU!

For the first 14 days of February I’m going to bring you fun Valentines ideas! Each will cost just about $1 depending on where you shop. This will be a small, but fun way to show the ones you care about your love without breaking the bank. After all, as years pass and children and bills arrive, we’ve all had a few lean years and have had to learn to be creative at times. I love the meme of an elderly couple sitting side by side that has a child asking them how they stayed together so long. They simply answer that they grew up in the era that if something broke, you didn’t throw it out and get a new one; you fixed what you had.  I love that! AND I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!! Never take love for granted. Actively seek to engage the one you love with actions, conversations, encouragement, prayers, and yes touch!

I’m going to be giving each of these Valentine’s to my husband each day. I’m going to get a little sneaky and hide them for him to find. I’m thinking of fun places like in the shower (hopefully he won’t turn the water on without looking first EEK!) in his car, next to his toothbrush holder, his underwear drawer WOOZERS, the coffee basket, the coat closet, next to his shoes,…let me know if you can think of any other fun ideas!


Day 1- Valentines Hot Tamale Idea

Valentines Hot Tamale Idea

This Valentines Hot Tamale Idea can be used to spice things up a bit! Just use a box of Hot Tamales with the quote, “Love is Friendship set on Fire.”

Valentines Coke Idea

Check out Day 2- I love this Valentines Coke Idea because there are several different play on words you can use.

Heart Shaped Bath Fizzies

This this Heart-Shaped Homemade Bath Fizzies Recipe is the perfect way to say I love you to that special someone.

Free Bag of Chips Valentine Printable

Valentine’s Day is around the corner! Get this Free Bag of Chips Valentine Printable here for a no-stress holiday treat!


5 Cherry Muddy Mix Pinterest

Oh, how I “heart” popcorn! It’s absolutely one of my favorite snacks! With This Valentine’s Day Treat- 5 Cherry Muddy Mix you’re sure to hear this sweet snack is SO NICE!

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