14 Days of Valentines Ideas – Both Fun and Frugal

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Valentine’s Day is a special time to show your love and appreciation for the people in your life. Whether it’s a romantic partner, family, or friends, everyone deserves to feel special on this holiday. This year, why not celebrate with something different? Here are 14 days of Valentine's ideas that will make your loved ones feel extra special!  

Unique gift ideas for Valentines - 14 days of valentines ideas

Day 1: Make a card that expresses how much you appreciate them. It doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive – a heartfelt message will do just fine! If you make one big card and then 13 other smaller cards or sweet post its you can include one with each of the 14 Days of Valentines ideas. Maybe even a poem that they have to assemble with all of the pieces! The more creative you get the more memorable it will be. I can just imagine how much the kids would love this in a lunch box on all of the school days.

Day 2: Create a personalized playlist of songs that remind you of them. It can be anything from their favorite music to songs that bring back memories of happy times together. This is a great way to show how well you know someone, even your best gal pal would enjoy something so thoughtful.

Day 3: Cook dinner together and enjoy it by candlelight for extra romance! You know how much we love to save money, but we also hate the crowds in restaurants on certain holidays. Who wants to wait two hours even with your reservation and overpay? Not the Consumer Queen, that's for sure. We do love visiting our favorite restaurant but not on crazy busy holidays.

Day 4: Have an at-home spa day with facemasks, foot soaks, and other relaxing treatments. Make baskets with small gifts for your 14 Days of Valentine's ideas. Schedule a spa day with someone special anytime during your 14 days of Valentine's, use your day off and get that quality time in. Maybe you need the perfect way to treat yourself, give yourself a relaxing day of self care if you can.

Day 5: Go for a walk around the neighborhood and take in the sights and sounds of nature together. Bonus points if you pick up some hot cocoa along the way! Sometimes there is no better way to connect with someone than going outdoors. Enjoy the park, or even your backyard if it is relaxing to you. Just fill your days of love with together, with your kids, a significant other or besties. The perfect gift is one you give of yourself, it doesn't have to be expensive or over the top. Just be there for them and with them 100%.

Day 6: Put together a photo album or video montage filled with pictures and videos from all your adventures together over the years. This can be on paper with cute scrapbook paper or even digital. You can use tools like Google Photos or even Instagram to make reels, or slideshows set to music. You can share these with just the person you create them for, groups of friends or post them to your timeline. Make sure everyone in them would be ok if it was shared with the public, but it can be one of the sweetest things and won't cost you much in supplies. If you are able to print photos and get some super cute scrapbook paper from the craft store, go for it! Valentine's Day gifts should be thoughtful and sweet, what better way than remembering some of your best times together? Since we are talking 14 Days of Valentine's ideas, what if you made a post (or sent a private message) with a photo of a favorite memory and why you love that one once each day for the 14 days. This is a thoughtful gift because it shows how much time you took and really thought about that person and what they mean to you.

Date Night Cooking

Day 7: Take an online cooking class together and whip up something delicious. You can even create your own menu for the night if you’re feeling brave!  If the classes are not in the budget find a cooking show on Youtube, On Demand or your favorite streaming service. Plan ahead and get your ingredients. This is a simple way to make a special meal affordable and fun. If you think your kids, spouse, mom or friends would enjoy this you can even plan on doing this more than once in the 14 days of Valentine's ideas. Plan one night for the kids to pick a recipe and another night for someone else. Get the girls together and have everyone bring over different ingredients. There are so many great ideas I can think of using a recipe for a special meal and making it an activity. Don't forget to check out recipes at our main Consumer Queen site for inspiration!

Day 8: Plan a romantic picnic in the park (weather permitting!). Pack some blankets, pillows, snacks, games – whatever makes you both happy! If it is cold and dreary where you are maybe you can plan a picnic in the car or even in the living room. Make a blanket fort with the kids and fix fun heart shaped foods. If you don't have a babysitter a romantic, candle lit picnic after bedtime by the fireplace could be the perfect date night plans for February 14th. Use the crystal, get their favorite appetizers and enjoy the quiet after the kids are down for the night. Our 14 days of Valentine's day ideas are just for inspiration. I am sure if you think on it you can come up with the perfect plans.

Day 9: Take turns asking each other questions like “What do you wish we did more often?” or “What qualities do you appreciate most about me?” The answers might surprise you!  There is no substitute for genuinely connecting with another human being. We have never been more aware of this in our lifetime. I pray we never forget this and go back to the way things were.

Day 10: Spend an evening playing board games or card games – or if they prefer video games, get competitive over Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros Ultimate! Find some fun ideas for a scavenger hunt online and do it up big for the kids. This is one a whole group or the whole family can enjoy together. You can also make your own escape room with clues and riddles, write them on a paper heart, cute printables or red roses. Some fun games are Unlock and Exit where it is almost like an escape room but in board game form, you can find others online as well. There are so many fun things to enjoy together that every family member will enjoy.

Day 11: Buy tickets to see their favorite sports team/band/artist live and in person. If these are some of their favorite things find some way to include it in your 14 days of Valentine's ideas for them. Even buying them a new album or jersey to enjoy at home with their favorite meal can be lots of fun. Create some fun family traditions where you go enjoy a game together in February. Even a gift card to enjoy at a another time of year can be fun. Think of a unique way to celebrate them and what they love.

Fox 25 Valentines Segment - 14 days of valentines ideas

Day 12: Put together care packages filled with thoughtful items such as books, meaningful trinkets, and handmade gifts (such as jewelry). Include handwritten notes expressing why each item was chosen for them specifically.  These can go to coworkers, teachers, elderly loved ones or neighbors. This is a great time to get those Valentine's Day crafts ready, fill up those baskets with handmade care. This is a great gift that you can make several of and have fun together doing it. The kids will love making a special Valentine's Day card for each special person.

Day 13 : Write down what makes them special on slips of paper and hide them around the house for them to find throughout the day (or week!) as little reminders of how much they mean to you.  Leave them in the car, lunch boxes, at their computer or on the bathroom mirror. I love this one so much because it is so simple to do for 14 days. Some of our 14 days of Valentine's ideas are one time things, but the cards and love notes can be each and every day!

Day 14 : Use this day as an opportunity to express gratitude towards your loved one(s) by writing thank-you cards reflecting on all the ways they have made your life better over the years – big or small matters when it comes from the heart! Use words of affirmation and mean what you say. Love letters are also a great way to end the 14 days of Valentine's ideas, and it doesn't take a lot of money to show how much you care. The little things really are the big things, so if you are celebrating with family, a best friend or other loved ones you can make this year special for them. 

Showing someone how much they mean to us doesn’t always have to involve grand gestures; sometimes all it takes is taking some time out of our day-to-day lives just to think about our loved ones in creative ways. So this Valentine's Day season let's use these 14 days of ideas as inspiration towards making our special someone feel truly appreciated! So make the heart shaped foods and snacks, decorate the house, use the balloons and streamers leftover. Go Big! Love bigger! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


I love this Valentines Hot Tamale Idea that can be used in the classroom or for that special someone.

14 days of valentines ideas

Roses are red

Violets are blue

We've got 14 days of Valentines coming to YOU!

For the first 14 days of February I'm going to bring you fun Valentines ideas! Each will cost just about $1 depending on where you shop. This will be a small, but fun way to show the ones you care about your love without breaking the bank. After all, as years pass and children and bills arrive, we've all had a few lean years and have had to learn to be creative at times. I love the meme of an elderly couple sitting side by side that has a child asking them how they stayed together so long. They simply answer that they grew up in the era that if something broke, you didn't throw it out and get a new one; you fixed what you had.  I love that! AND I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!! Never take love for granted. Actively seek to engage the one you love with actions, conversations, encouragement, prayers, and yes touch!

I'm going to be giving each of these Valentine's to my husband each day. I'm going to get a little sneaky and hide them for him to find. I'm thinking of fun places like in the shower (hopefully he won't turn the water on without looking first EEK!) in his car, next to his toothbrush holder, his underwear drawer WOOZERS, the coffee basket, the coat closet, next to his shoes,…let me know if you can think of any other fun ideas! Grab some Valentines Candy and Heart Doilies Here.


Day 1- Valentines Hot Tamale Idea

Valentines Hot Tamale Idea - 14 days of valentines ideas

This Valentines Hot Tamale Idea can be used to spice things up a bit! Just use a box of Hot Tamales with the quote, “Love is Friendship set on Fire.”

Heart Shaped Bath Fizzies

This this Heart-Shaped Homemade Bath Fizzies Recipe is the perfect way to say I love you to that special someone.

Free Bag of Chips Valentine Printable

Valentine’s Day is around the corner! Get this Free Bag of Chips Valentine Printable here for a no-stress holiday treat!

5 Cherry Muddy Mix Pinterest

Oh, how I “heart” popcorn! It's absolutely one of my favorite snacks! With This Valentine's Day Treat- 5 Cherry Muddy Mix you're sure to hear this sweet snack is SO NICE!

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