5 Great Mocktails To Make For Your Next Party

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If you are already making plans for your next party, one of the main plans that you are going to want to make is what everyone will drink. There are a lot of different options here, of course, but something that a lot of people are always going to enjoy is to have a mocktail or two in hand. Of course, with so many mocktails to choose between, how can you make sure that you are going for the best ones? Let’s take a look at just a few of the best mocktail options you might want to consider making for your next event. We have some great ideas for non alcoholic drinks recipes.

mocktail -non alcoholic drinks recipes

Sometimes you just want to make something that is a bit of a classic, and when that mood strikes you, a Virgin Manhattan is a very good first choice. A Manhattan is a great staple, and all you will need is some non-alcoholic red wine and Angostura bitters. It’s a great flavor, and one that your guests are going to absolutely love every time. Add a little vanilla extract for a finishing touch.

Moscow Mule

Non-Alcoholic Moscow Mule

If you have ever watched Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul, you will almost certainly recognize the signature copper mugs that a Moscow Mule is normally served in. This drink comprises ginger beer and lime with some club soda, although there are a huge number of variations which can incorporate many other fruity flavors. It’s refreshing, light, and still a bit of a kick to the flavor from the ginger. One of our most popular ideas for non alcoholic drinks recipes.

Negroni Mocktail -non alcoholic drinks recipes

Negroni Mocktail Alternative

If you are keen to serve up a mocktail that is bound to get everyone up and dancing, then a non-alcoholic Negroni is the way to go. In this mocktail, you need to combine grapefruit, grape juice and some syrup. It can be a little sickly for some, but if you like something sweet this can really go down a treat. Top tip for the perfect Negroni: always serve on the rocks.

Old Fashioned

This is, in some respects, similar to the Negroni, in that it has the same kind of bitter taste. But whereas a Negroni makes use of those Italian flavors, the Old Fashioned mocktail relies upon some beautiful spiced tea, to which you add some aromatic bitters and sugar syrup. You’ll find it is surprisingly drinkable, especially if you add in the optional soda water at the end too.

Virgin Mojito

For something lighter and easier on the palate, you could start things off with a simple but classic Virgin Mojito. In truth, this is often mostly ice, but if you have a couple of these you might still be ready for a dance in no time. A Virgin Mojito comprises a little sugar with some sprigs of mint, and the juice of about three limes. It’s a refreshing and delicious option, and a great choice for hot summer parties.

We hope you love our ideas for non alcoholic drinks recipes. Any of these are going to go down well, so make your choice and get shaking!

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