Easy Recipes for College Students

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Students tend to eat on the go or skip meals preferring to eat unhealthy food or replace breakfast with a cup of coffee. If you want to get healthy habits and stay in good shape, you had better learn to cook easy and tasty dishes. Even if you have never tried to cook by yourself, you can become proficient in that and feel more confident. You also will be able to invite your friends home and feed them delicious dishes making them a little bit happy. So let us help you learn some great recipes for students to cook tasty and easy meals daily.By the way, if you are a student, you often feel overloaded with complicated tasks. Like writing your fast food essay topics, for example. If you face difficulties with different essays and other types of assignments, professional authors will gladly help you to create an excellent paper providing you with materials that would result from effective research.

Easy Recipes for College Students

Easy Recipes for College Students

Easy Biscuit Pizza

If you are looking for easy and tasty recipes and do not have enough experience to create something unique, try making pizza. There are a lot of variations of this easy and delicious dish that you can try cooking even if you are in the kitchen for the first time in your life. Moreover, pizza is very accessible and does not require spending a lot of money on ingredients. For students, pizza is an ideal recipe that is possible to use each week. Pizza is a universal dish that is the ultimate choice for students with different food preferences. For example, if you are a vegetarian, you can get pizza with corn, mushrooms, vegetables, and other favorite ingredients. Pizza can be cooked with fruits, fish, and of course, meat and sausages. Or you can choose the classic pizza with cheese and special tomato sauce.

Roast chicken

If you are not a vegan or vegetarian, cooking chicken could become a magic recipe for any occasion. Roast chicken is one of the students' easiest recipes for everyday meals. Chicken is also a food that is very affordable and healthy. Moreover, if you have a limited amount of experience in cooking, experimenting with roast chicken can help you to teach yourself how to control the temperature of cooking the meat. And how to make the chicken perfect depending on its weight. Don't forget you can also get a rotisserie chicken at the store than can be used to make multiple meals.

Grilled Sandwich

A grilled sandwich is a perfect option for a student to have a meal on the go. At the same time, a well-cooked grilled sandwich can become your special dish if you spend enough time comparing ingredients and finding a great taste. Combining bread with different fillings and excellent sauces will let you find your ideal recipe and make a sandwich, one of your favorite dishes, that can impress your guests. Try our easy philly steak sandwich. I feel like this one of the easiest recipes for college students.

Cream Soup or Dump Soup 

Cream soup is one of the healthiest dishes on our list. Students can learn to cook cream soup without problems because it is easy and requires little time to create a great dish. A recipe for cream soup is a perfect option for beginners who have a limited amount of experience in cooking different meals. At the same time, a cream soup is an option to cook that will let you learn how to prepare and mix ingredients, making a delicious dish.

Dump soups are also popular, You basically just open cans and pop them in a pot on the stove or in a slow cooker. Like our Taco soup.


Learning how to cook a perfect pasta or spaghetti is the knowledge that is important for any student. For example, you can learn to cook classics: Spaghetti Carbonara or Bolognese. A well-cooked pasta can make a big difference in your attitude to simple dishes. Spaghetti could contain many different ingredients, as well as pizza or a sandwich. For example, there are vegetarian options, meat, and more. Try our Easy InstantPot Spaghetti and Meatballs.


Suppose you want to learn how to cook easy and tasty dishes that are little more than just same old things/. Look at various recipes for risotto. Rice is a great base to get experience in cooking that you will love. For beginners, it will take some time to learn how to cook rice to make it perfect, but the result will be worth it. The best risotto recipes contain mushrooms, vegetables, meat, seafood, and other options.

canned apple pie filling recipe

Apple Pie

Remember not to underestimate the power of a well-cooked pie that can be consumed as a dessert and a separate dish. An apple pie is an easy recipe; if you wish to learn how to cook pies, you can start with this basic option. There are wide varieties of recipes, and we recommend you choose one of the easiest, which includes apples, eggs, and some butter.


If you are not allergic and have no issues consuming eggs, cooking an omelet is an excellent choice for every day. Those students who want to stay productive in their studies must feed their brains correctly and balance their food, not consume only fast food. Proteins in eggs will enrich your body and brain with the required materials to stay energetic. Moreover, an omelet with tomatoes, corn, vegetables, or cheese could be delicious. 


Some people consider burgers fast food, but it is not so if you take the right ingredients. Students can learn how to cook tasty burgers by adding them to fresh meat, salad, and vegetables. Thanks to choosing specific types of bread, you can make this dish perfect. You can even use a George Foreman grill to save space. One can even try to cook vegetarian burgers by using particular ingredients. Try one of our Burger Night Sauces.

Jamba-Juice-smoothie - Easy Recipes for College Students


Smoothie is not a dish, but it is a very healthy food that can be an excellent option for a break between your main food consumptions. For example, you can replace breakfast with a smoothie that will be well balanced with fruits and vegetables, adding it with proteins. Smoothie is the easiest recipe, which can be listed in detail. You can be as creative as possible when preparing smoothies. Combine different tastes and ingredients to get the perfect result.

We hope that reading our article was helpful and now you understand what dishes are the most acceptable for students and easy to cook. We hope you will use our easy recipes for college students to make your meals tasty and healthy.

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